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Ianto Little Smile

August 2019



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Drabble: Instant Coffee Blues

Title: Instant Coffee Blues

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Ianto, mentions Jack

Rating: G

Written For: Challenge 310 – Caffeine at tw100

Spoilers: Nada.

Summary: Ianto and Jack’s dinner date doesn’t end well.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

A/N: Title from Guy Clark’s song of the same name.

Ianto was appalled. How could such a swanky restaurant be so backward in one vital respect? If he were a restaurant critic, he decided, he would definitely not recommend eating there.

The food had been excellent, the ambience pleasant and welcoming, the service faultless, the staff polite and the standards of hygiene beyond reproach. Even the prices were reasonable. He and Jack had thoroughly enjoyed their meals.

Then they’d made their one mistake; they’d ordered coffee.

It had been served in elegant cups, along with after dinner mints, but even beautiful presentation couldn’t disguise the fact that it was instant!

The End


Haha, you think about nothing but coffee lately, right? :D (are you somehow related to Ianto? xD )
But nice drabble! Instant coffee truly is the devil, oh yes.
The prompt for this week was caffeine, so all my drabbles are coffee-related. that's just the way it works! I've done a coffee one for FAKE too (not posted yet) - I've decided to try to do a FAKE drabble each week using the torchwood drabble prompt of the week, whenever it works for the fandom.

Thank you!
Ah okay, that makes sense :D
I'm looking forward to the FAKE drabble(s) ;)
I'm hoping to post the Coffee one later today - the kitten one os done, but I think I want to write a sequel to it so I'm holding that back until the other one is written, then I can post one after the other.

I'll let you know what the Torchwood drabble prompt is each week if you want, then you can see if it inspires a FAKE drabble.
Alrighty, I'm looking forward to the kitten drabbles! :D

Yes, that would be great, thanks! One can never have enough prompts for drabbles :)
Well, don't know if you can do anything with this week's for FAKE - In honour of St Patrick's day, we have Leprechauns! o_O

I think I can manage for a Torchwood drabble or two, but FAKE? Ummmm.... I'm struggling here, lol!

Still haven't written the second kitten drabble, I got sidetracked last night. Wrote a drabble for Torchwood with one of my saved prompts, then had an idea how I could use it for FAKE and wrote that instead of the kitten one. Not that I mind, the more drabbles the merrier! I think I have 4 written for FAKE, ready yo post when I can fit them into my posting schedule. Might get one up today, might not, depends whether I have enough time among everything else I need to do =)
Leprechauns?! xD No problem, I think I have an idea for a drabble...

Don't rush it, I'll just wait patiently for the kitty ;)
Can't wait to see what you get from Leprechauns and FAKE!

Haha, I bet :D I will probably upload it today. ;)
Now that is just a crime. I bet they charged a lot for those coffees, too!
I know! It's scandalous! Ianto had words with the manager about standards after, lol!

Thank you!
Oh now that's not right instant coffee served at a high class restaurant!! Also don't dare serve Instant to Ianto if you know whats good for you LOL

Great drabble
Thank you!

I'm sure Ianto will make his opinion clear to the management. They won't make that mistake again, lol!

Oh no! Way to ruin a lovely date!
It's scandalous! Ianto will be giving the restaurant manager a piece of his mind, I'm sure.

Thank you!
..."instant coffee"...? Really? After such an elegant dinner! They'll be lucky if Ianto doesn't decide to get even, maybe by letting a few weevils trash the place! Oh, the horror of it!

Great caffein drabble :D
*grins* Shocking, isn't it?

Ianto will make sure they get their act together and start serving proper coffee. He won't stand for this!!

Thank you!
God, I'd be offended if I was served instant ANYWHERE. In such high class restaurant the least I expect is an espresso (maybe a French press)
They're new, they haven't got a proper coffee machine yet, lol! Or maybe it broke!

Probably, it would never happen in real life - I claim artistic license ;)

Thank you!
OMG! how could they do that to the Coffee King?
so true!! instant coffee!! puagggggggg
LOL! I know! Poor Ianto. I expect he complained to the manager ;)

Thank you!
Omg! Instant coffee. That's beyond travesty. I don't even have it in the house (in case it contaminates my precious coffee beans). Oh dear, I'm another coffee despot. A Ianto in the making.
Ianto would be so proud of you!

Thank you!
I'm with Ianto there; that is wrong on so many levels!
It really is, Ianto is planning a stern reprimand. Really, it's just not on!

Thank you!
coffee coffee coffee argh!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They were not happy! Ianto had a talk with the manager and put him straight!

Thank you!