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Ianto Little Smile

August 2019



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The Oncoming Coat

Drabble: Eyes Of Age

Title: Eyes Of Age

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Jack, Ianto

Rating: G

Spoilers: Nada.

Summary: Ianto thinks about Jack’s eyes.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

A/N: For mahmfic’s prompt ‘Eyes’

Looking at Jack, most people would think he was somewhere in his thirties, a young-looking forty at the outside. Then again, most people wouldn’t look further than his handsome face, dazzling smile and easy charm.

Only when you really looked into his eyes was the illusion broken.

Jack had the oldest eyes Ianto had ever seen. Sparkling flirtatiously on the surface, their depths were swarming with shadows borne of pain, hardship, loss and bitter experience. They were the eyes of a far older man, one to whom life had been less than kind.

And they drew Ianto to him irresistibly.

The End


This was lovely. It's one of the things that I adored about JB's portrayal of Jack: he could be so playful, and then he'd look at you and his eyes were just so old. It was amazing to watch.

He managed to capture that so well, the world-weariness behind the flirty exterior. And of course Ianto would be the only one to notice.

Thank you!
Ohhh what a beautiful description, his eyes could really speak and Ianto was able to understand him so well. Beautiful
Thank you!

I surprised myself with this one.

I love the way you put it - Jack's eyes spoke to Ianto =)
I don't think John gets enough credit for his portrayal of Jack. The way he conveys the weariness of all those years in his eyes, that's not the easiest thing to do.
While JB can go a bit over the top in his acting on TV, he really nails that aspect of Jack. It shows how much of Jack's flirting is just a mask concealing what's going on behind his eyes.

Thank you.
Oh, I really like this one. Really well done! :) This is the way I see Jack and Ianto. I think Ianto probably thought all these things about Jack and it only made him love him more.
Thank you! I think so too, they've both seen so much that they understand each other better than anyone else could. They belong together.
Yes! Always. Not the way they ended it. That was a huge mistake, but don't get me started. lol!
Oh, I fixed that in my fic Fixed Points!

Ok, I'll read it soon. :)
Hope you enjoy it, it's a happy little fic =)
I feel for Jack, I am glad Ianto is there to make this part of his life happy.
I think they're both lucky to have found each other =)

If I have my way, they'll be together for a very long time.

Thank you.
I honestly think you've outdone yourself here. Jack's flirtatiousness is outrageous at times but nothing more than simply a way of keeping others at a distance to avoid being hurt. It's apparent in the reactions of so many people he interacted with that very few really took the time to look in his eyes; then again, if someone got too close to see them, well, Jack is also a master of deflecting things. Ianto was the only one -- although I think Tosh could see it too -- that saw his pain. I don't think even the Doctor knew how much Jack hurts.

You are doing what a lot of good writers do; you are really studying how the actor skillfully builds the character he's portraying and it makes a huge difference in a lot of fan writings; I've managed to fall into a group of really GOOD writers and have spent more than a few enjoyable hours reading while recuperating. I told this to a friend who passed last year because she did the same thing and her writings in that other fandom are really treasured by those who read them. You've become a Master and this drabble really shows it.
Wow! Thank you, that's high praise!

I think this is one of my best, I'm really pleased with the way it came out. It took a while brewing in my head before I felt ready to try putting what I wanted to say into words. Sometimes it's like that when I write, I need to think about it a lot first. That's especially true of the serious ones. The funny, fluffy ones come more easily, but it's usually the more serious ones that I'm most pleased with.
It is one of your very best, a true keeper. This and the Library are truly incredible.

You're a writer; you should expand and try longer ones, under 250 words at first, for example but I 'sense' you have a longer one in you that's brewing. Jack is one of the most fascinating characters I've read; Alex Krycek was another favorite. Both have a hell of a lot of pain in them; both have seen more than anyone should ever have to bear and both are alone. Jack losing Ianto, I think, ranks up there with the worst loss ever and what the Government did to him both before and afterwards was horrific. He's lucky they didn't try to kill him again before he got off-planet!

You approach your writing like I do my beading and I've got 5 pieces clamoring in my head to get out. But your writings also give me time to work the design in my head before I commit it to reality. One day, I'll try posting a piece or two here; this story has just 'bombed' me with another piece! Thank you for the privilege of reading your very best :D
I have lots of longer stories already on my Master List, but the weekly drabble challenges are an important pasrt of my writing, as is my challenge to post at least 250 drabbles this year. I like trying to condense an idea into 100 words and it means I can write something every day that is complete. And I have, this year, written at leasty one drabble every single day as well as posting at least one drabble or fic a day. Not missed a day yet (touch wood). I like variety in my writing, I have a lot of part-written longer pieces waiting to be finished when I have time and/or inspiration. At the moment though, headaches are preventing me from writing anything ambitious - I can't concentrate.
Migranes? I know how those go...I could tell the difference in mine by what I ate or when my cycles used to come.

You do great drabbles and I figure you'll hit your 250 mark before long. Please take care of yourself though; your health comes first.
Migraines that last 3 days every couple of weeks, and right now, headaches in between. I think it's stress, my mother is driving me insane.

I'm on track - 74 posted so far this year, plus 3 for FAKE, another 102 written, (plus 4 more for FAKE) so that's 176 written for Torchwood altogether. I need to write another 74 for Torchwood minimum, though if I want to reach 500 chapters over on ff.net I'll need another 12 on top of that, so say 86 more to write... It's possible, I think... With some luck and good prompts at tw100. We'll see.
Beautiful and very insightful. JB really nailed Jack in Torchwood; I'm not sure he had the opportunity to dig so deeply in DW, which was more superficial in many ways. One of the loveliest things about the relationship between Jack and Ianto was the fact that despite their extreme age difference, they were really at the same place and connected on such a basic level. Young as he was, Ianto understood loss and grief to the depth of his soul, and was able to give Jack the understanding he couldn't get anywhere else. And fortunately Jack wasn't too damaged to accept the comfort. It's amazing that you packed so much wisdom into such a short piece; thanks for writing this.
Thank you for such a lovely comment!

You're right, on Doctor Who everything was treated more lightly, what with the show being designed to appeal to all ages. Torchwood, being an adult show, went into more depth with regards to the consequences of living such a long time. I loved the way Jack and Ianto balanced each other out. They both understood loss, both hid their emotions behind masks, and I think both saw right through each other in the end.
I surprised myself with this one. Sometimes I write something, then read it through and I don't really know where it came from. I wrote it a couple of months ago and now I can't even remember writing some of it. Writing is weird, lol!

Thank you!
Love it :-)
Thank you! I think it's one of the best of my recent drabbles =)
Thank you! I'm rather pleased with this one =)
... yes! I understand Ianto.
He sees what other people don't, because he takes the time to really look at Jack.

Thank you!