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Ianto Little Smile

October 2019



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Dee & Ryo




Abandoned [PG-13]

A Bit Late [G]

A Bit Of Luck [G] - DW

Ablaze [G]

Accidental Injury [PG]

Accidental Innuendo [PG-15]

A Change Of Menu [G]

A Clean Slate [G]

A Clear Head [PG] - DW

A Cosy Vacation [G]

Acting On Impulse [G] - Sequel to 'Disturbing Discoveries'

Actions Speak Louder [G]

Addicted [G]

Addictive TV [PG]

Adjusting [G]

Admirers [PG]

Admitting The Truth [G]

Aftermath [PG] - Sequel to ‘Saved’

After Today [PG] - DW

A Good Day [PG]

All Alone [G]

Alley Encounter [G]

Alley Rats [PG]

All Fired Up [PG]

All Grown Up [G]

All That Matters [PG-13] - Sequel to 'Conspiracy Theory'

All Together Now [PG]

Almost An Adult [G]

Almost Spring [G]

Alone [G] - DW

Alone Time [G] - DW

Already Morning [G]

Amazing [PG-13]

American As... [G]

An Alarming Sight [G]

A New Day [G]

A New Hope [G] - DW

Anniversary [G]

Anniversary Date [G]

Anniversary Surprise [PG]

Annual Visit [G]

Another Milestone [G]

Any Time [PG-13] - DW

A Pleasant Surprise [G]

A Rare Luxury [G]

A Real Parent [G]

A Splash Of Color [G]

At A Standstill [PG]

At Sunset [G] - DW

Attitudes [PG]

Attracting Attention [G]

Automatic Response [PG-15]

Average Student [G]

A Welcome Break [G] - DW

Awkward [PG-13]

Awkward Conversation [PG-13]

Awkward Moment [PG-13]

A Young Man's Fancy [PG]

Backup [PG]

Bad Idea [G]

Bad Reaction [G] - DW

Baking [G]

Balled Over [G]

Banquet [PG-13]

Bargains Galore [G]

Battle Scars [G]

Bedsprings [PG-13]

Being A Friend [PG]

Being Strong [G]

Bendy [PG]

Betrayed! [PG-13]

Beware Of The... [G] - DW

Biased [G]

Big Plans [G]

Bilingual [PG]

Bird Trouble [G]

Blocked [PG-13]

Blue Christmas [G]

Brain Food [G]

Bright And Breezy [G] - DW

Brilliant Idea [PG]

British Saints [G]

Bruised [PG-13]

Budding Magician [G]

Bump And Run [G]

By Choice [PG] - DW

Caffeine Craving [G]

Carnival Capers [G] - DW

Carnival Woes [G]

Carried Away [G]

Case Closed [PG-13]

Catharsis [PG]

Caught [PG-13] - DW

Cause For Concern [G]

Celebrating [G] - DW

Change Of Plans [G]

Charmed Life [G] - DW

Cherry Red [PG]

Chief Smith's Decision [G]

Childish Fun [G]

Chilly Afternoon [G]

Choosing [G]

Christmas Cake [G]

Christmas Crime Spree [G]

Christmas Eve [PG]

Christmas Feast [G]


Classic [G]

Cleanup [G]

Clinging To Hope [G]

Coded Message [G]

Cold Comfort [G]

Come Home Safe [G]

Coming Home [G]

Commitment [G]

Compact [PG]

Compromise [PG-15]

Compulsive Behaviour [PG]

Coney Island Fun [PG]

Confusion [PG]

Consequences [G]

Conspiracy Theory [G] - Sequel to ‘Natural Reactions’

Contaminated [PG]

Conundrum [PG]

Cooling Off [PG-13]

Cooling Shower [PG]

Craving Company [G]

Cream Tea [G]

Criminal Incompetence [G] - DW

Criminals & Victims [PG-13]

Criminal Tendencies [G]

Crucial Contest [G]

Curiosity [G]

Cushy Gig [PG]

Dangerous Beast [G]

Dangerous Job [PG]

Danger Zone [PG]

Day Off [PG-13]

Day Trip [G]

Deal [G] - DW

Decadent Treat [G]

Decisions [G] - DW

Deck The Walls... [G]

Dee-Monic [PG]

Deesaster [G]

Dee's Day [G]

Dee's Dilemma [PG-13] - DW

Dee's Reputation [PG]

Dee's Worst Nightmare [PG]

Dee-termined [PG]

Defender [PG]

Delayed [G]

Desperation [PG]

Determination [G]

Different [G] - DW

Different Tastes [G]

Dinner Disaster [G]

Dinner Doubts [G]

Disappointment [G] - DW

Disaster [G]

Distracted [G]

Disturbing Discoveries [PG] - Sequel to ‘Wine And Moonlight’

Divided [G] - Sequel to 'Unexpected Appearances'

Doing Right [G] - DW

Don't Apologise [G]

Dreams Come True [PG] - Sequel to 'Manhattan By Night'

Drinking To Forget [PG-13]

Early Morning Visitor [G]

Easter Candy [PG]

Easter Surprise [G] - DW

Easy Access [PG]

Ecstasy [PG-13]

Elopement [G]

Embarrassing [PG-15]

End Of The World [PG]

Epic Fail [G] - DW

Escaping Winter [G]

Evening In [G]

Evening Stroll [G]

Ever After [PG]

Everything's Changed [PG]

Everything's New [G] - DW

Evidence [PG]

Expecting [G]

Expert Marksman [PG]

Eye Of The Beholder [G] - DW

Fading Hope [G]

Fair Play [G]

Faith [PG]

Fall Color [G

Falling [G]

False Alarm [G]

Family Lost, Family Found [G]

Fanboy [G]

Far From Shore [G]

Fatherhood [G]

Fear Of Falling [PG]

Feeling Forgotten [G]

Feeling The Heat [G]

Fighting Back [PG] - Sequel to 'Madman's Tale'

Finding Heaven [PG-13] - For mahmfic

Fine Dining [PG-13] - S

First Assignment [G] - FF

Firstborn [G]

First Date [PG] - DW

First Date Nerves [G] - DW

First Impressions: Dee [G]

First Impressions: Ryo [G]

First Lesson [G]

First Meeting [G] - Sequel to 'First Sight' - For hisoka44

First Sight [G] - For hisoka44

Flexibility [PG-13]

Flying South [G]

Foiling Rose [PG]

Forever [PG]

For The Birds [G]

Forward [PG]

Free To Love [PG-13]

Frequent Dinner Guest [G]

Friendship [G] - DW

Fright Night [G] - DW

From There To Here [PG] - DW

Frustrated And Lonely [PG]

Futile [PG]

Game Night [G]

Generosity [G]

Getting Fruity [PG]

Getting His Man [PG-13]

Getting Saucy [PG-13] - Companion Piece to 'Re-Sauce-Ful'

Ghosts [G]

Giving Thanks [G]

Going Formal [G]

Going Under [PG] - DW

Gonna Be Me [PG] - DW

Good Intentions [G]

Good Neighbours [G]

Good Things Come... [PG]

Grand Theft [PG]

Green Is The Color... [G]

Grouchy [G]

Growing Boy [G]

Growing Up [G]

Growing Up Fast [G]

Guilty Conscience [PG]

Gunfight [PG]

Halloween Fun [G]

Halloween Scheming [G] - DW

Hands On [PG]

Handy Excuse [G]

Happy [G]

Harassment [PG-13]

Hard To Get [PG]

Hard To Resist [PG]

Hate At First Sight [G] - Sequel to 'First Meeting' - For

Haunted [PG] - FF

Head Over Heels [G]

Heedless [G] - DW

Height Matters [G]

Helpful Advice [G] - DW

Helping Hand [G]

Herbery [G] - DW

Hero [G]

Heroes [G]

Hidden Depths [PG]

Holding On [G] - DW

Home Alone [G]

Home Comforts [G]

Home For The Holidays [PG] - Sequel to 'Moving In'

Homicide Detectives [PG]

Honeymoon Suite [PG]

Hooked [G]

Hopes Dashed [PG]

Housebound [G] - FP

How Do You Like Your Tea? [G] - FF

Hungry [PG-13]

Hunter And Quarry [PG-13]

If He Knew Then... [PG] - S

If Only... [PG-13]

If The Costume Fits... [G]

If You Love Sushi [G]

Impasse [PG]

Impatience [G]

Important Day [G]

Impossible Choice [G] - DW

Impossible Dream [PG-13]

Impulse Buy [G]

Incriminating Evidence [PG]

Indecision [PG-13]

Indiscriminate [G]

Individuality [PG]

Infestation [G]

Inner Strength [PG]

Innocent Fun [G]

In Permanent Ink [G]

Insect Trouble [PG-13]

Instant [G]

Interrupting The 4th [G]

Intervention [PG]

In The Cold [G]

In The File Room [PG-13]

Intimate Act [PG-15]

Intricate [G]

Invitation [PG]

In Wine There Is Truth [PG-15]

Irreplaceable [G]

Irresistible [G]

Isn't It Romantic [PG-13]

Jealousy [PG]

Jinxed [G] - DW

Junior Blogger [G]

Just A Guy [PG]

Just A Note To Say... [G] - DW

Justice Failed [PG]

Keeping Busy [PG]

Keep On Dreaming [PG] - DW

Kindness [G]

Kindred Spirits [G] - For awieatti

Kisses [PG-13]

Kitten Tale [G] - Sequel to 'Kindred Spirits' - For awieatti

Knife-Edge [PG]

Knots [PG]

Last Chance [G]

Last Cigarette [G]

Last Resort [PG]

Late Night Chores [G]

Leap Of Faith [PG]

Leap Year [G]

Left Behind [G] - Sequel to 'Divided'

Legal Loophole [PG-13] - S

Let It Rain [G]

Life-Changing Moment [PG]

Life Isn't Fair [G]

Life Lessons [G]

Like A Cat [G]

Like A Dream [G]

Like A Weed [G]

Like Leaves [G]

Little Pests [G]

Little Things [G]

Living The Dream [G]

Local Knowledge [G]

Long Day [G]

Longing [G]

Long Night [G]

Looking Ahead [G]

Looking The Part [PG-13]

Loser [G]

Lost Cause [G]

Lost Friend [PG

Lucky Find [G]

Lucky S.O.B. [PG-13]

Lying To Myself Again [G]

Madman's Tale [G] - Sequel to 'Ryo In Danger'

Magic [G]

Making An Effort [G]

Manhattan By Night [G]

Math Problem [G]

Maybe This Year [G]

Memory Lapse [PG]

Middle-Aged [G]

Mind Elsewhere [PG]

Mishap [G]

Missing [G]

Mistletoe Dodging [PG]

Money Isn't Everything [G]

Monsters [PG]

Moping [G]

More Than Love [G]

More Than Partners [G]

Morning After [PG-13]

Morning Light [G]

Mother [G] - DW

Mother's Heart [G]

Moving In [G] - Sequel to 'Moving Out'

Moving Out [G]

Murder [PG]

Murder At The Top [PG]

Murder Or Mercy [G]

Mysterious And Familiar People [G]

Nabbed [G]

Natural Reactions [PG] - Sequel to ‘Hate At First Sight’

Naughty [G]

Never Had A Chance [PG-13] - CF

New Recruits [G]

New Year's Eve [PG]

New York Noir [G]

Nightmare Vacation [G]

Night Walk [G]

No Decency [PG-13]

Noisy Neighbour [PG]

Noisy Night [G] - DW

Not A Fan [PG]

Not A Killer [PG]

Not An Illusion [PG]

Not As Planned [PG] - DW

Not Dolls [G]

Not Himself [PG-13]

Not Like Last Year [PG]

Not Meant To Be [G] - DW

Not So Innocent [G]

Not What You Think [PG-13]

No Way [G]

Nuisance [PG]

October Night [G]

Off-Duty Incident [PG]

Old Favourites [G]

One Night [PG]

On The Menu [G]

On Thin Ice [PG-13]

Opposites [G]

Other Plans [G]

Out Of Paradise [G]

Overrun [G]

Parenting [G]

Passing Time [G]

Patriotic Dee [G]

Payback [PG]

Perfect [PG]

Perfect Morning [PG]

Perverts! [G]

Phone Hunt [G]

Pitch Black [G]

Plans [G]

Plans Scratched [PG-13]

Playing A Part [G]

Please! [PG-13]

Postcards [G]

Practice Session [PG]

Pranked [G]

Precious Bundle [PG]

Predator And Prey [PG]

Prelude To A Pounce [PG-13]

Pre-Wash Check [G]

Private Celebration [G]

Problem [G]

Proposition [G]

Protectors [PG]

Rain Wave [G]

Rash Actions [G]

Real [PG-15]

Real Life [PG]

Real Love [G]

Rebuffed [PG]

Re-Sauce-Ful [PG]

Resisting Arrest [PG]

Resolutions [PG] - Sequel to 'New Year's Eve'

Resolved [G]

Restless [PG-13]

Revelation [PG]

Revenge [PG]

Ribbons And Bows [G]

Riding Practice [PG-13]

Rifle Envy [PG]

Rings [G]

Rising Star [G]

Risky Business [PG-13]

Roadblock [G]

Robbing Hood [PG]

Rocking The King [PG]

Romantic Dinner [G]

Romantoc Gestures [PG]

Romantic Nonsense [PG]

Romantic Setting [PG]

Romantic Vacation [G]

Rough Night [G]

Ruined [G]

Rules [G]

Rush Hour [G]

Ryo In Danger [G] - Sequel to 'Left Behind'

Ryo Rebels [G]

Ryo's Kink [PG-13]

Sacrifices [G]

Safety First [G]

Same Old Dance [PG]

Saved [PG] - Sequel to 'Fighting Back'

Saw Point [G]

Scholarship [G]

Scratched Plans [G]

Seeing Stars [G]

Seeing The Sights [G]

Seeing The Truth [PG]

Serial Reject [G]

Sexy Creature [PG]

Shared Happiness [G]

Short Vacation [G]

Sightseeing [G]

Silver Anniversary [G]

Skills [PG]

Sleeping Beauty [G]

Slip Sliding [G] - DW

Slip Up [PG]

Slobbing About [G]

Sneezy Hider [G]

Snow Days [G]

Soaked [PG-13]

Spacious [PG]

Sparked [G]

Special Occasion [PG]

Special Song [G]

Spectacle [G]

Splitsville [PG]

Spoiled For Choice [G]

Spooked [PG]

Spting Morning [G]

Spring Thaw [PG]

Sprung [G]

Squashed [PG-13]

Stalker [PG]

Stargazing [PG]

Starlit Romance [PG]

Starting Over [G]

Sticky [PG-13]

Stiff [PG]

Still A Kid [G]

Stocking Up [PG]

Stolen [G]

Stolen Heart [PG]

Stormy Weather [PG]

St. Patrick's Day [G]

Stripper [PG-13]

Stuffed [G]

Stumped [G]

Stupid Mistake [G]

Subway Incident [G]

Subway Riders [G]

Summer Shower [G]

Sunflowers [G]

Sunrise Celebration [G]

Super Powers [PG]

Surplus [G]

Surprise! [G]

Surprise Visit [G]

Suspicious [PG]

Sweet Surprise [PG]

Symbolic [G]

Take A Bow [G]

Taking A Break [G]

Taking Sides [G]

Taxing [G]

Teamwork [PG]

Tears [G]

Teatime [G]

Tempting Array [G]

Tempting Offer [PG]

Ten Years [PG]

Thanksgiving [G]

Thank You Letter [G]

The Ashtray [G] - Sequel to 'Last Cigarette'

The Banana Game [PG-15]

The Benefits Of Cleaning [PG]

The Best Laid Plans [PG-13]

The Best Medicine [G]

The Best Thing [PG] - FP

The Bridge [G]

The Burden Of Grief [G]

The Candy Bar [G]

The Hardest Part [PG]

The Morning After [PG-13]

The Naked Truth [PG]

The Odd Couple [G]

The Old Couple [PG]

The Old Hotel [G]

The Perfect Gift [G]

The Reality Of Myths [G]

The Right Attitude [PG]

The Tree [G]

They Don't Know [PG]

Thirsty Work [G]

Thirty [G] - DW

Tick Tick Tick [PG]

Tidying Up [PG]

Time For Bed [G]

Tired And Dazed [PG] - DW

Tomorrow [G]

Too Late [G]

Too Much Of A Bad Thing [G]

Too Nice [G]

Too Old [PG]

Torture [PG-15]

Tough Break [G]

Tough Choice [PG]

Tough Love [G]

To Wish Or Not [PG]

Traffic Duty [G]

Training [G]

Treasure [G]

Tricked [PG]

Troubling Response [PG]

True Companions [G]

True Friendship [G]

Truth Hurts [PG]

Try Anything [G]

Tube Travel [G]

Tuning Out [PG]

Turning Up The Heat [G] - For

Two More Years [PG] - DW

Ultimate Revenge [PG]

Ultimatum [PG]

Unanswered Questions [PG]

Undercover Blues [G]

Underwhelmed [G]

Undressed [PG-13]

Unexpected [PG-13]

Unexpected Appearances [G] - Sequel to 'Acting On Impulse'

Unexpected Paradise [G]

Unexpected Visitor [G]

Unhealthy Eating [G]

Uninhibited [PG-13]

Uninterested [G]

Unknown Family [G]

Unlimited Choices [PG]

Unlucky Day [G]

Unnerving [G]

Unravelling [PG]

Unreasonable [G]

Unseasonal [G]

Unshakeable [PG]

Unsteady [G]

Unwelcome Change [G] - DW

Unwise [PG-13]

Up And Down [G]

Vacation Anticipation [G] - FP

Vacation Interrupted [G] - Sequel to ‘Mysterious And Familiar People’

Vacation Persuasion [G]

Valentine Roses [G]

Valentine Surprise [G] - DW

Vengeance [G]

Verbal Slip [PG]

Victorious [G]

Victory [G]

Village Idyll [G]

Wait For It... [PG]

Waiting To Be Noticed [G]

Wake-Up Call [G] - DW

Walkies [G]

Wall Art [G]

Wanting More [PG]

Warm Milk [G]

Way Back When [G]

Weather Woes [G]

Weather Worries [G]

Weekends Afloat [G]

Welcome Home [PG-13]

Well Fed [G]

Wet Weather [G]

Whatever It Takes [G]

What If? [G]

What Love Is [G]

What Makes A Dad [G]

When Coffee's Not Enough [G]

When Morning Comes [PG-13] - For

Wildlife [G]

Wild Side [PG-15]

Window Watching [G]

Wine And Moonlight [PG] -  Sequel to 'Vacation Interrupted'

Winter Sidewalks [PG] - FP

Winter Warmer [G]

Wishful Thinking [PG-15]

Without Intent [PG]

With The Fishes [G]

Witness Unprotected [G]

Wondering [G] - DW

Wonders Of Nature [G]

Woo Hoo! [PG-15] - Sequel to 'Finding Heaven'

Work Schedules [G] - DW

Worrying Silence PG]

Worth The Wait [PG]

Worth Waiting For [G]

Worthwhile [G]

Young Rascal [G] - DW