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Ianto Little Smile

December 2020



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JB Weird

Quadruple Drabble: High Fliers

Title: High Fliers

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Owen, Jack, Ianto, Myfanwy & Nosy

Rating: G

Spoilers: Nada.

Summary: Jack’s worrying about Nosy again.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

A/N: This one’s for milady_dragon. Prompt at the end.

A/N2: Also, Happy Birthday aviv_b! Have a quadruple drabble!

Called in to work on his night off, Owen stopped just inside the Hub and rubbed his eyes.

“I must be way drunker than I thought. Could have sworn I just saw Myfanwy fly past with Nosy on her back.”

“You’re not seeing things; I wish you were.” Jack shoved both hands through his hair, leaving it standing on end. “Nosy was napping on Myf when the Rift alarm went off. It startled her, she took off and somehow Nosy managed to hang on, but now she won’t come down. I don’t know what to do! Ianto will kill me.”


Ianto stepped into the Hub from the garage just in time to catch Jack’s last words.

“And why will I be killing you this time?”

Jack’s eyes widened in panic; Owen just pointed.

Ianto looked up, tilted his head to one side and raised an eyebrow.

“Well, that’s certainly not something you see every day,” he commented mildly. “Is this why we were called in?”

“No. There was a Rift alert. This is more of an accidental side effect.” Jack explained what had happened.

“Nosy does like to nap in odd places.”

“It must be a Torchwood thing,” Jack muttered.


After watching the Pteranodon circle the Hub a couple more times with her unlikely passenger, Ianto turned to his team mates.

“Did anyone try to tempt Myf down with chocolate?”

Jack brightened.

“I didn’t think of that!”

“Of course you didn’t.”

Rolling his eyes, Ianto headed for the kitchenette, returning moments later with a bar of Myfanwy’s favourite dark chocolate. Whistling to get her attention, he waved it in the air.

“Come on, old girl. Got your favourite here!” he coaxed.

With an ear-splitting screech, their mascot swooped down, coming in to land a few feet in front of him.


While Ianto fed Myf her treat piece by piece, Jack and Owen hurried to check on Nosy, who hadn’t moved at all.

“Nosy? Are you okay?” Jack sounded frantic with worry.

“You’re safe now, you can get off,” Owen added.

Nosy just lifted its head and glared at them.

Gulping down her last piece of chocolate, Myf turned her head and squawked at Nosy, who hummed back and held on. Before anyone could move, the Pteranodon had launched herself into the air again.

“Ianto, do something!”

“Why? Seems to me that Nosy likes flying. They’ll come down when they’re ready.”

The End

A/N: Prompt was ‘Nosy takes a ride on Myfanwy’


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Ianto is always calm, isn't he?
He knows panicking doesn't improve any situation, lol!

Thank you!
Haha! Nosy glaring at anyone is hilarious. Besides, Jack should completely understand the fun of flying with Myfanwy, and Nosy doesn't have to worry about there being any sedatives bringing a sharp end to the fun.
*grins* Nosy's giving Jack the evil eye, lol! It's just discovering the joys of flight and Jack wants to end its fun!

Jack's a bit over-protective at times ;)

Thank you!
It was really adorable, loved it!!!
Take care, my dear J!!!
Love, hugs and kissitos!!!
*hugs* Thank you, Ani! Glad you enjoyed it!

Love & kissitos, J
Well that was cute. I love that dinosaur! xD Wish I had my own <3
Yeah, it would be a unique pet, but you'd need a really big room to keep it in ;)

Thasnk you!
Adorable. I love that Myf has a nickname... and I like the turnaround of expecting Ianto to be angry and yet he takes it all in stride. Very Ianto.
Well, Ianto can't really blame anyone for Nosy's choice of napping place, or for an unexpected Rift alert, lol! And panicking never helps, as Jack has proved, so Ianto keeps calm and gets things done.

Thank you!
Hee, those two are becoming good friends. And Jack's being the overprotective dad while Ianto's like, "Chill out!" So cute! :D
Jack panics, but Ianto knows panicking doesn't solve anything, lol!

Yeah, Myf and Nosy are trying new things as they get to know each other better =)

Thank you!
OMG. This is the cutest. I just can't.... I love you so much right now.
Awwwww! Thank you! *hugs*

Nosy fancies itself as a pilot, lol! Captain Fluff takes to the skies!
Yay! Thank you for the story. Now Ianto will need to make a safety helmet for Nosy if its going to fly with Myfanwy!
A pilot's helmet with flying goggles maybe...

You're welcome, glad you liked it!

Thank you!
LOL all that worry for nithing.

great drabble.
*grins* thank you!

Jack worries about Nosy too much. It likes experiencing new things. It goes where no Fluff has gone before, lol!
Love Ianto's reaction to his pets :D Jack and Owen seem to forget both Myf and Nosy spend a lot of time together when the humans are not around so it seems logical, at least to me, that they do this too. :D
Yeah, they don't review all the CCTV every time they go out, who knows what the pets get up to when everyone is out? They play together, obviously!

Thank you!
I love that Myf and Nosy seem to be able to talk to each other. And I can just imagine Nosy glaring at Jack!
The Fluff Death Glare (TM) is a sight to see!

Nosy is empathic, so I'm sure that helps them understand each other =)

Thank you!
I am sure between Ianto and Tosh they will find way to turn the unlikely duo into asset for Torchwood.
Torchwood's very own air force, lol!

Thank you!
OMG! now those two can recruit George who can let them out of the Hub!!!! Ianto, as usual, the practical one!
*giggles* Nosy would love that, but I suspect Ianto will insist on a safety harness before litting them leave the Hub.

Thank you!
Silly humans interrupting Nosy's fun! LOL
They just don't understand *sigh*

Well, at least Ianto gets it.

Thank you!
I suspected Nosy enjoyed the flight!
Very much! It is already planning to go flying with Myfanwy again!

Thank you!
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