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Ianto Little Smile

July 2019



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Pretty Tosh

Drabble: Tangled

Title: Tangled

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Tosh, Ianto

Rating: G

Written For: Challenge 312 – Awkward Moments at tw100

Spoilers: Nada.

Summary: Some days, Tosh swears the universe is out to humiliate her.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

Some days, Tosh was certain the universe was having a laugh at her expense.

Despite a brisk breeze, Ianto had decided he’d fetch lunch for the team, inviting Tosh to accompany him. Now she wished she’d said no.

She wasn’t sure what happened, but somehow her wrap-around skirt had got caught on Ianto and suddenly she was skirtless. Turning bright pink, Ianto hastily untangled the wayward skirt from his arm, handing it back and averting his eyes.

“Um, I’ll just pretend I didn’t notice that, shall I?” he asked.

“Good idea.”

Tosh really hoped that hadn’t been caught on CCTV!

The End



Don't count on Tosh, with the day you're having...
Yeah, by the time she gets back to the Hub, Owen will be cackling like a maniac and the footage will be on every screen in the Hub o_O

Thank you!
*giggle* Poor Tosh! I can totally relate to her. She's almost as clumsy as I am xD Oh, how many embarrassing stories I could tell you about me failing at wearing miniskirts...
I nearly lost my skirt in a crowded shopping centre once, and lost my undies in the middle of the street when the elasic broke, lol!

I'm accident prone, the most ridiculous things happen to me sometimes.

Thank you!
Aww poor tosh.
Just her luck she would be caught on camera. Best hurry back to the hub to wipe all the CCTV!
The luck Tosh is having, Owen will already have the entire sequence on repeat on all the monitors before they can get back. Wraparound skirts and windy days do not mix, lol!

Thank you!
I'm sure if Jack sees it, he will make gentleman and erase the images because he likes Tosh, but Owen ... argh!
on the other hand, it would still be the devil that one of the members fall precisely on these images? after all, this is not the only camera!!
Tosh is hoping he won't, but she's almost sure that Owen will see and make fun of her because that's just the sort of thing that would happen!

Thank you!
Oops, poor Tosh! But at least Ianto reacted like a perfect gentleman, as I would expect.
He even shielded her s=from sight while she put her skirt back on. I don't think she'll wear that one to work again though!

Thank you!
I couldn't be so cruel to Tosh as to have her with Owen when something so embarrassing happened. at least Ianto behaves like a gentleman!

My skirt almost fell down in a shopping centre, and my bikini top fell off on a crowded beach when I was in my teens - I wanted to bury myself in the sand to hide! Sometimes the universe really does seek to humiliate us. I'm sorry you didn't have a Ianto to help rescue your dignity. There's never a Ianto about when you need one.

Thank you!
Loved it!!!
Poor Tosh!!!
Tosh was embarrassed, but grateful that she had a gentleman with her.

Thank you, Ani! *hugs*
Yikes, hope that doesn't somehow get posted on YouTube!
If Owen does that, Ianto will make sure he regrets it!

Thank you!
Decaf for a start! ;)
Cheap INSTANT decaf!
Poor tosh I hope it wasn't caught on CCTV because Owen would never let her live it down.
Tosh is hoping that too!

Thank you!
Bless Tosh and her fashion choices on windy days. Shakes head sadly recalling an elastic band giving out as school kid going home down Main Street.
I'm assuming it wasn't windy when she got ready for work. The weather is like that in Britain, you can go from no wind to gales in a couple of hours.

When elastic gives out, dignity is a thing of the past. I've had that happen, I was a teenager out with my dad.

Thank you!
poor Tosh!, I remembered having a Marilyn Monroe's flying skirt problem when I was a kid and my brother still laughs at me :(
I think we've all had our own embarrassing moments with clothes failing us at some point!

Thank you!
OY, that would be sooo embarrassing!
Indeed! But thankfully Ianto is the perfect gentleman!

Thank you!
Embarrassing, but I *lol*ed ::) Poor Tosh *hugs her*
Yeah, sometimes the universe is just out to get you and there's nothing you can do but accept your fate!

Tosh is resigned to the embarrassment.

Thank you!
LMAO!!! Magician Ianto strikes again without meaning to!! Still waiting for him to hit Jack up, hee hee hee!
Ianto has many and varied skills, some even HE doesn't know about, lol!

Thank you!