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March 2023



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Fic Of The Week - Week One Hundred And Eighteen

*waves feebly* It's Monday, so it's Fic of the Week time! Migraine be damned (seriously, I'd send it to Hell where it belongs if I knew how), I'm still posting! Dedicated, that's me =)

So, today, another reel_torchwood fic, this one fairly recent as it's from September 2012.

Tinker, Pirate, Princess, Pan is, fairly obviously, a take on the old classic Peter Pan, most particularly the 2003 film version. It's by the ever-wonderful moonfirefic, so quality is assured!

Summary: On a blustery winter's evening, a storyteller tells the children of the Great Ormond Street Hospital a story about how a Pan and his Tinker saved Neverland.

A/N: A few liberties were taken with the overall makeup of Neverland, but then again, it's a place built on wishes and dreams so who's to say this isn't what really happened?

There is a prologue, 6 chapters and an epilogue to this one, so it shouldn't take long to read, which is good for those of us who are short of time!

Dreamwidth Master Post here.

Livejournal Master Post here.

So there you have it! Happy reading, everybody!


Unless I, too, am a Time Traveler, and saw this before you posted it, it is purely coincidence that I just read this story last week. It was pretty good, too.
LOL! Great minds think alike, obviously!

I'm enjoying it, I'm having a semi-lazy day today because I have an early appointment tomorrow for blood tests, so how better to spend it than reading?