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Ianto Little Smile

August 2019



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JB Weird

Drabble: Mobbed

Title: Mobbed

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Jack, Ianto

Rating: G

Written For: Challenge 312 – Awkward Moments at tw100

Spoilers: Nada.

Summary: Jack and Ianto try a simpler kind of date, trying to escape the jinx.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

A/N: Thanks to NinjaGirlRebecca who gave me part of the idea for this one!

“Right,” said Jack, “restaurant dates keep going wrong, so let’s try something simpler. We’ll get takeaway, a six-pack, and find a secluded rooftop somewhere so we can enjoy the view without interruption. What do you say?”

“Sounds good,” Ianto agreed with a smile.

Both of them casually dressed, they queued for their food then stepped out of the chip shop to be confronted by a clamouring mob, begging Jack for his autograph.

Ianto sniggered behind his hand.

“I’ve always thought you looked a lot like him,” he teased unhelpfully as Jack tried to explain that he really wasn’t John Barrowman.

TBC in 'Awkward Situation'


Really, their dates wouldn't be so fun (for us at least) if they went like clockwork. Great!
Well, that's certainly true! It would be dull writing 'they went on a date and nothing much happened,' lol!

Thank you!

Thank you! Glad you liked it =)
LOL! Poor Jack! But even Ianto thinks he looks like that Barrowman person!
Ianto finds it very amusing. Jack wonders if he can convince this John Barroeman's fans that he's really NOT the famous actor...

Thank you!
OMG! you like to torture them with their dates and don't try to hide behind a simple excuse that you are not the writer!!!! LOL
*grins* Would I do that?

At least this time Ianto found it amusing! Besides, they'd soon get bored if their dates all went smoothly! They need a bit of unpredictability to keep them on their toes =)

Thank you!
Well you must admit he does look alot like him LOL.

great drabble.
He does. Ianto has mentioned the resemblance more than once, lol!

Thank you!
Lol, I wonder if Jack and John Barrowman will ever meet - that would be awkward. I mean, they really look very similar! :D
They probably should, but I'm not sure I'd ever write it. It would be so confusing!

Thank you!
Maybe John is Jack's long lost twin brother...
Haha okay, it definitely would be confusing! :D
Uh huh! It's bad enough writing a fic with multiple Jacks and Iantos, never mind Jack and JB and trying to make sure I keep track of which is which 0.0
Well, at least their dates are amusing... LOL!!

Edited at 2014-04-05 10:14 pm (UTC)
Ianto's certainly finding this one entertaining!

Thank you!
Twins, separated at birth. That must be the answer!
Either that or JB is Jack's distant ancestor, a genetic throwback, lol!

Or the other way around. Could be either really! Time travel messes with genealogy.

Thank you!

Edited at 2014-04-06 10:30 am (UTC)
Poor Jack...you do look like him! :D
Ianto's certainly noticed a resemblance ;)

Thank you!
Love it. Ianto's reaction is great :-)
I wonder if Jack can get his own back when Ianto gets mobbed by a bunch of Blue Gillespie fans?
Maybe Ianto will play a trick on Jack with the help of his cousin, who happens to look remarkably like him, lol!

Thank you!
Isn't Ianto lucky that his boyfriend happens to look like John Barrowman?! Better hope that Jack and John Barrowman don't meet, they'd probably run off together (& take Ianto with them!)
Ianto thinks Scott is lucky that his husnband looks a lot like Jack, lol!

Thank you!
*giggles* At least Ianto has a great sense of humor about it! He should ask Jack to try shiny suits sometime! ;)
Well, Jack DOES like shiny things, so I'm sure he'd oblige!

Thank you!
bizarre bizarre!!
Definitely bizarre, but I couldn't resist the idea, lol!

Thank you!