November 30th, 2010

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Torchwood beta-finding community - Any interest?

Here's the thing. I've been chatting with ms_bekahrose about her difficulty in finding a reliable beta for Torchwood fanfics and it got us both thinking - why isn't there a community for that? Well, actually there is, but no one seems to use is, so I'm thinking of taking things a step further.

Basically, would there be interest in a community where you post requests for someone to beta your story, but which would also have a master list of betas. People could join up to be included on the list, which would give basic information on the beta's strengths and weaknesses, what pairings/ratings they would beta, any language skills (for those writers out there for whom English is not their first language and would like a beta who speaks their language as well as English. Probably there are other things that should be included (suggestions welcome).

There could also be a weekly post on which betas are currently available. It would cater for the whole of the Torchwood fandom, whatever pairing you favour, and would help writers and potential betas find each other. So, would anyone actually find this useful? And if so, would anyone be interested in helping us set-up and run things?

Let us know, this is for all of the writers, betas and potential betas in the fandom.