April 6th, 2011



Unfortunately, RL isn't allowing me to read all the Jack/Ianto LAS entries and vote, but I DO want to read all the stories eventually and comment on them. I've been lucky so far that quite a few have been posted to communities I'm a member of, but not all have.

The problem is, the scoreboards for the first 2 challenges aren't there anymore and so I don't know who wrote what! I can read the stories at the LAS community, but how do I know whose journal to go to in order to comment (assuming the writers have even got a journal and have posted their story there.)

I've managed to identify who wrote what in some cases, but can anyone help me out with who wrote the following?

Collapse )I think that's all of them that I need help with - I've jotted down stories and authors for challenge 3 already

If anyone could help, it would be appreciated!