June 25th, 2011

The Oncoming Coat

Out & About

Sooooooo.... Yesterday, for the first time in more than 3 months, I went out!

There was a craft fair in town (the second this year, I had to miss the first), so I did a bit of shopping then wandered around the marquee and the outside stalls. Some lovely things on sale - I bought a few small things as gifts, then was incredibly naughty and spent more than I should have at my friend Ellie's stall, on a silver ring set with a deep red, oval garnet. It's beautiful! Didn't see Ellie though, as she's selling her jewellery at Glastonbury this weekend.

By the time I got home I was completely knackered. At least life is starting to get back to something resembling normal now the workmen have just about finished. Perhaps I'll be able to go out a bit more often now. But not until my legs stop aching!