August 31st, 2011

Laughing Jack

Fic Rec - Kitten!Ianto

Recently, several people over at twgenrefinders have requested Torchwood stories with cats or kittens, and each time recced the Kitten!Ianto series and I've posted a link to the first story and left them to fend for themselves - there are 76 Kitten!Ianto fic posts and there's no way to fit 76 links into a comment box. So, I had a think and here, with the kind permission and blessing of Kitten!Ianto's creator and author, the lovely sam_can_do_it , is the full list of Kitten!Ianto fics, complete with links, in the hope that my friends will enjoy these cute, cracky, funny fics as much as I still do.

Since LJ eats the entire list every time I do a cut, here's a link to it on my dreamwidth account instead! 

Well, there it is and I hope these fics will keep everyone in a happy, fluffy mood until I get the next story in the Nosy-Verse finished and posted! Enjoy!