January 30th, 2012

Check This Fic Out

Fic Of The Week - Week Five

Last week's fic was great fun, so this week I'm going for a complete mood change - angst, violence, peril, hopefully a happy ending but I'm not counting on it! So with no further ado...

Week Five's Fic of the Week is *drum roll*

Thirsty by gal8028

Not sure how much reading time I'll have this week, so it's another short one - five chapters of a decent length. The summary says: “When Ianto Jones fell through the Rift during a negative spike in activity, Captain Jack Harkness knew he had to get him back.”  Sounds exciting! It's rated very hard R on account of violence and adult situations, so be warned, this is not a fluffy fic!

It's posted directly to communities and the chapters aren't linked, so here are the links (apologies for the mix of communities):

Chapter 1: http://jackxianto.livejournal.com/2294448.html 
Chapter 2: http://jackxianto.livejournal.com/2331109.html 
Chapter 3: http://torch-wood.livejournal.com/4092059.html 
Chapter 4: http://torch-wood.livejournal.com/4170998.html 
Chapter 5: http://jackxianto.livejournal.com/2629739.html