April 23rd, 2012

Check This Fic Out

Fic Of The Week - Week Seventeen

Hi, all! Hope you're all feeling good! I know several of you enjoyed last week's fic, so for this week I'm offering two for your consideration. Both of them are older fics, again from 2008. Apparently, 2008 was an excellent year for Torchwood fics!

The first one this week is Jack's Secret by celebrian_lotr . The author warns: Character death BUT happy ending, I think so, at least ;) Just keep reading up until the Epilogue. So, fair warning if it gets a bit on the sad side along the way.

Here's the summary: Jack thought he understood timelines and the importance of an average man and their life in this world. But this time, he is determined in not letting go on the person he loves.

There are six chapters and an epilogue, but they're not linked, so...
Part 1: http://celebrian-lotr.livejournal.com/85286.html
Part 2: http://celebrian-lotr.livejournal.com/86001.html
Part 3: http://celebrian-lotr.livejournal.com/86169.html
Part 4: http://celebrian-lotr.livejournal.com/86412.html
Part 5: http://celebrian-lotr.livejournal.com/86705.html
Part 6: http://celebrian-lotr.livejournal.com/87731.html
Epilogue: http://celebrian-lotr.livejournal.com/88059.html

There's an overall rating of R to NC-17 on this one, folks! Just in case you need extra incentive to read *smirk*

For this week's second fic, I'm going for something TOTALLY different.

Spreading The Word is a crossover with Doctor Who, set during TYTNW, and the pairing is Tosh/Martha. Yes, that's right, it's femslash, so if you're not into that, you'd better not read - there IS an NC-17 rating for parts of the fic! To be honest, it's not something I tend to seek out (mostly, I guess, because I'm so obsessed with Jack & Ianto!), but I'm certainly not averse to reading it and this one has excellent credentials. For a start, it's written by the brilliant bassair , writer of a great many short fics that I adore. Secondly, it's Martha and Tosh - seriously, how can that combination fail? Especially given the setting! Here's what the author has to say:

Summary: Martha roamed the earth, spreading word of the Doctor to every country. So what happened when she reached Japan and met a woman who knew Jack Harkness?
Spoilers for DW: Last of the Time Lords and some of TW: Reset.  The prologue is in first person and present tense (it wouldn’t write any other way), the five chapters following it will be in third-person.

There are indeed 5 chapters, a prologue and an epilogue, but the prologue and first chapter are in the same post, as are the final chapter and epilogue, so I'm counting it as 5 parts. All chapters in this one are linked, so here's the first part...
Prologue & Part 1: http://bassair.livejournal.com/13238.html 

As always, those of you who choose to read one, or both, of these, I hope you enjoy!

Happy reading!