April 30th, 2012

Check This Fic Out

Fic Of The Week - Week Eighteen

Oh look, it's Monday again! When did that happen?

I seem to be a bit behind today - blame the migraine demons that are currently taking pick-axes to my brain. Not letting them beat me bthough. I only just managed to get through last week's two fics because of fitting them in around real life, but thanfully this week I'm back to a single fic again, and as I may be a bit busy later on in the week, I've picked a shortish one. It's smutty though, so that should please everyone!

Closer is by madder_rose and is in 11 parts - a prologue and 10 shortish chapters. Written 3 years ago in April 2009, it's Jack/Ianto from start to finish, definitely adult in nature, and includes various kinks, some D/s and roleplaying. I'll let the author herself explain things:

This is a series of stories of Jack and Ianto's growing relationship through exploring sexual fantasies and role play. Some push the boundaries and border on angst, h/c, while others are fluffier and nicer. This is not a D/s story. Some of them contain elements of D/s, but that is not the core of it. Some of the fantasies are rough and I have put up warnings. Read the warnings, y'all.
This started out because I read too many top ten lists. The story is named Closer, with each chapter having an under title. The titles are all from songs, and each title refers to the subject matter of the chapter and/or the change in their relationship and emotions.

Summary: Jack isn’t the only one with ideas.

In short, there should be something for everyone!

The prologue can be found here: http://madder-rose.livejournal.com/43722.html and chapters are helpfully linked.

I won't take up any more of anyone's valuable time - Happy reading, everyone!