July 9th, 2012

Check This Fic Out

Fic Of The Week - Week Twenty Eight

Last week's fic was fun - except for the sad final part. I hope everyone else enjoyed it too.

This week, we have two short series, which I hope will be equally enjoyable.

First up is So Far From Normal by seether_79 , who most of us probably know as a brilliant icon maker. There are six parts and it's set after Adrift, though there may be spoilers from both of the original 2 seasons. This one was first posted in May 2008.

Summary: Ianto isn’t sure of what he wants anymore. Short and to the point summary there!

Part 1: http://seether-fics.livejournal.com/3476.html 
Part 2: http://seether-fics.livejournal.com/3657.html
Part 3: http://seether-fics.livejournal.com/3861.html
Part 4: http://seether-fics.livejournal.com/4114.html
Part 5: http://seether-fics.livejournal.com/4466.html
Part 6: http://seether-fics.livejournal.com/4767.html

Or, click this link for all the parts: http://seether-fics.livejournal.com/tag/title%3A%20so%20far%20from%20normal

Second fic for this week is another 6-parter, this one from March 2008. 2008 appears to be the Golden Age of Torchwood Fic!

Reactions is by sufferingfool and is rated 18.

SUMMARY: There’s always strange things happening in Cardiff, so when Torchwood Glasgow sends over some artefacts with connections to Jack, no one thinks twice about it. But why is an ordinary box able to make them feel like someone has walked across their graves, and what is this strange primal feeling in Jack Harkness’ chest?

Ooooh, that sounds intriguing - and slightly spooky!

Parts aren't linked with this one either, so here they are:

Part 1: http://torchwoodcoffee.livejournal.com/843930.html
Part 2: http://torchwoodcoffee.livejournal.com/846614.html
Part 3: http://torchwoodcoffee.livejournal.com/850918.html
Part 4: http://torchwoodcoffee.livejournal.com/854406.html
Part 5: http://torchwoodcoffee.livejournal.com/858043.html
Part 6: http://torchwoodcoffee.livejournal.com/866117.html

That's your lot for this week! Happy reading, everybody.