August 4th, 2012

Film Star Smile

Misty Is Home!

Finally, I have Misty home! He's still not eating properly, so he stayed a bit longer to be force fed, I had hoped to bring him home yesterday - I think the vet didn't want to give him back ;)

He's a bit scruffy and ruffled-looking (being wrapped in a towel to be force fed will do that to you), and was a bit stressed when we got home, but he's relaxing now and watching the world go by.

That's the good news. The not-so-good news is that I have to try to give him antibiotics twice a day and painkillers once a day, by mouth using a syringe. It's nothing I haven't done before (I syringe-fed a tortoise and one of my previous rabbits), but Misty is bigger and heavier than anything I've had to medicate before, the only help I'll have is my 81 year old mother, and my arthritic hands are not as flexible or strong as they used to be. Add to that the fact that Misty is always a devil to catch at the best of times and is very wriggly, and the whole process would probably be very amusing for anyone watching, but considerably less so for the participants. However, we will try our best, though I suspect Misty will try his worst. I have a very large towel to wrap him in, which might immobilise him if I can get him wrapped up well enough. It's just bad luck that our neighbour who would normally gladly help out in such situations is in Cornwall on holiday for another week.

Wish me luck - I suspect I'm going to need it! o_0