November 19th, 2012

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Drabble: True Love


Title: True Love

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Giving that away would spoil things.

Rating: G

Written For: Challenge 260 – Odd Couples at tw100

Spoilers: None.

Summary: True love always wins in the end….

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.
A/N: My last drabble for this challenge, I couldn't resist writing it - I'm evil!


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Check This Fic Out

Fic Of The Week - Week Forty seven

Okay, finally got here! So much to do today, I feel like I need to run to keep up with myself, but I'm still getting left behind O.o

Two fics for this week!

First up is some h/c with a poorly Ianto. Don't Ever Leave Me is by purestoneworker and was originally posted in June 2008. It's in 6 parts.

Here's what the author has to say:

Note: This is my first Torchwood fic, written fairly fast for me. It’s set just after Exit Wounds and contains references for past episodes. If some of this story conflicts with screen canon, it’s unintentional, just a mistake; if some of it conflicts with canon from the Dr Who and Torchwood books, which I haven’t had the opportunity to read, I apologise.

First part is here     All parts are linked.

For this week's second fic, we have a set of seven bite-sized bits of Jack/Ianto smut by the wonderful pokerkitten !
Time Out is from way back in January 2007 and the parts were written as fills for a Jack/Ianto Smut Table... How come there's nothing like that running these days? Guess it's gone the way of Smut Sunday *sigh* Ah well. As I said, small, easily manageable bits of smut for those of you who don't have time for anything too long but still need a bit of smut in your life.

Time Out #1 is here    They are all linked for easy access ;)

That's all for this week, hope everyone will enjoy these! Happy reading =D