April 29th, 2013

Check This Fic Out

Fic Of The Week - Week Seventy

Hello again! Monday has crept up on us once more. On Wednesday, Misty the rabbit has to go for dental surgery again (hopefully the last time - rabbit teeth are supposed to stop growing at 8 years old and Misty is about one month past that), so I'm picking a short fic again this week because Wednesday is going to be so busy.

So, I found a short little CoE fixit (who doesn't like bringing Ianto back to life?).

Third Chances is just 5 shortish chapters. It's a fic off ff.net by MegK1978 and is from November/December 2010.

Summary: On the morning of Day 5, a woman visits the makeshift morgue to see the body of her cousin, Ianto Jones. Just one problem: Ianto doesn't HAVE a cousin named "Rebecca Jones".

Fic is here!