June 24th, 2013

Check This Fic Out

Fic Of The Week - Week Seventy Eight

Welcome to yet another Monday. They just keep creeping up on us!

Another stressful week, so it's another very short fic, only 5 chapters.
Nature Boy is by maverick0324 & athousanderrors , and is from way back in January 2007, a real oldie!

Summary: "There was a boy
A very strange
Enchanted boy
They say he wandered
Very far, very far
Over land and sea
A little shy and sad of eye
But very wise was he"

Warnings: Angst. Severe lack of a happy ending.

Take note of the warning, folks! (I haven't read it, but I'll put a box of tissues right here, just in case they're needed.)

Chapter 1 is here and all chapters are linked.

So that's it for this week! Hopefully it won't be too sad... I'll try to have something happy for next week.

Happy reading, everybody.