August 19th, 2013

Ianto Little Smile

Fic Of The Week - Week Eighty Six

Today is our beloved Ianto's 30th birthday!

With that in mind, this week's Fic of the Week is Turnabout Is Fair Play by aquila_star , a little three-parter with a smutty interlude from exactly 5 years ago today.

Here are a few notes from the author herself:

Notes: Originally 'Mornings with Jack' and subsequently, 'The Fic with Too Many Names.' Seriously though, when I posted this as 'Mornings with Jack' it was wishful vision of the beginning of s3, but when I started writing the 'sequel' I realized that it was much more fun with Owen and Tosh, so it's now set between Adrift and Fragments. So I put it all together and made it one fic. If you've read 'Mornings with Jack' then you'll recognize the first 900 words, it's all new after that. Hope you enjoy. Oh, and there's a smutty interlude linked at the end of the didn't work in the fic, so if you want, you can check it out after.

Part 1 is here.

The other parts, including the interlude - To The Victor Go The Spoils - are linked.


Happy reading, everyone. Hope you all enjoy.

Fic: A Day To Remember

Title: A Day To Remember

Author: badly_knitted

Characters/Pairing: Jack/Ianto

Rating: PG

Word Count: 1590

Summary: It’s Ianto’s 30th birthday, and Jack has plans.

Spoilers: None.

Warnings: Fluff. Lots of fluff.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood or any of the characters. Which is sad.

A/N: A spur of the moment fic, written when I suddenly realised what day it is. I took the opportunity to include a little idea that’s been lurking in my head for years.

Happy Birthday, Ianto!

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