September 1st, 2013


Not having a great evening...

Well, that's a bit of an understatement.

Went downstairs a bit over an hour ago, and mum couldn't talk understandably. Possible stroke, possible urinary infection, no idea which but she's being taken to the stroke unit and I'm stuck here because on top of the agoraphobia and usual health problems, I have a virus and now I've got chronic indigestion from the stress so I can't even sit comfortably.

Some days, life sucks.

All I can do is wait for the hospital to get in touch. Probably won't get much sleep tonight and there may be posting delays tomorrow, so apologies in advance if Fic of the Week and my last drabble end up being late. I'll do my best (got to keep my mind occupied somehow) but no promises.

I'll just be right here, wibbling quietly in my corner. I have my teddy bear for company, but I'm not a happy bunny right now. Good wishes, prayers etc would be very welcome right now.