November 25th, 2013

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Fic Of The Week - Week One Hundred!

We made it! Here we are at Week One Hundred! Thanks to everyone who has come along for the ride through the Torchwood fic Archives, seeking out fics old and new, well known and obscure. I hope you've all been entertained!

This isn't the end though, I'm not done with Fic of the Week yet, not by a long shot. There are still hundreds of fics out there that I haven't read yet, so hopefully I can continue to introduce fellow Torchwood fans to authors and fics they might have missed.

This week though, I feel that something truly classic is in order so I've chosen a fic that I've heard a lot about, and seen recced all over the place, but which I've never actually read.

The Journey to Caerleon is a ten part fic from the early days of the fandom, way back in May 2007.

Co-written by two great writers, maverick0324 & clarity_lore , it is described by the authors as: Angsty, sappy in places, somewhat cracky by definition. Definitely my kind of fic ;)

Summary: When some alien technology manages to literally stick Jack and Ianto together, it gives them a chance to finally talk through their mutual anger about what happened to Lisa. But that’s not all it does...

Who could resist a summary like that?

Series Master List is here.

Next week will be the turn of its sequel, so if anyone chooses to read ahead, no spoilers please. That goes for those who have already read this classic too ;)

That's it for this week! Happy reading, everybody, and here's to the next hundred weeks!
The Oncoming Coat

Drabble: Marooned

Title: Marooned

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Jack, mentions the Doctor

Rating: G

Written For: Challenge 300 at tw100

Setting/Spoilers: Set pre-series. Slight spoilers for Fragments and Doctor Who Parting of the Ways.

Summary: Jack contemplates his broken vortex manipulator.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

A/N: A second fill for the square Leather/Firmament

Collapse )