August 18th, 2014

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Fic Of The Week - Week One Hundred And Thirty Eight

Hello, good people, welcome to another edition of Fic of the Week. Well, last week's fic was odd to say the least. Ah well, hopefully I've chosen better this week!

As I have an appointment tomorrow which will tie me up (not literally) for a large part of the day, I've chosen a shorter fic for this week, just four short chapters.

Torchwood Avenue is xennie_b's 2010 entry for reel_torchwood, based on the film 'Hanover Street', which is set during the second world war.

Summary - London 1943. It was a time when the choices were clear. A time when death was closer, so life was more precious. It was a time of courage and honour... of passion and sacrifice. This is the story of two people... swept up in that time... who met... and fell in love.

Romance! Will there be a happy ending for our boys? We shall see.

Part 1 is here on LJ    - Parts are linked.

Or read it at here.

And that's all for this week. Hope everyone has a good week!

Happy reading, everybody!
Dee & Ryo

FAKE Drabble: Evening In

Title: Evening In

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Ryo, Dee, Bikky

Rating: G

Setting: Shortly after the manga.

Summary: Dee comes over for dinner and the basketball game.

Disclaimer: I don’t own FAKE, or the characters. They belong to the wonderful Sanami Matoh.

A/N: This one’s a double drabble. Prompt at the end.

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