September 8th, 2014

Check This Fic Out

Fic Of The Week - Week One Hundred And Forty One

Hello! Welcome to the new edition of Fic of the Week. I think this week's fic choice should carry a warning, so here it is:

WARNING: Very dark fic ahead!

Ok, now that's out of the way...

This week's fic is
Disinterred, which is a six-part fic from June 2008 by seize. As warned, it is a DARK fic, not my usual reading choice but I'm curious by nature, so I thought I'd see what it's all about. Of course, it may leave me hiding under the bed wibbling, but what's life without the occasional risk?

Summary: "What is a man? A miserable little pile of secrets." (Andre Malraux)

Author's Spoilers/Warnings: Through "Adam." Torture, dark themes. This is not like my other work in this fandom.

Um, yeah. Anyone want to join me under the bed?

Read it here, if you dare!

I'd say 'Happy reading', but I have a feeling that might not be appropriate this week... Oh dear!