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Fic Of The Week - Week One Hundred And Nineteen


Guess who forgot yesterday was Monday! So, so sorry! Fic of the week is late. And because of that, it's also a very short one because this week is being a bit of a pain. I had a migraine up until this morning, I still feel like hell, but I'm hoping to get some shopping done tomorrow... Depends how I feel in the morning, the last few weeks haven't been good.

Anyway, Fic! Because of having a shortage of time, it's just a little three parter this week, a nice smutty threesome because smut makes everything better!

Midnight Show by cs_whitewolf is Jack/Ianto/PC Andy (one of my favourite threesomes). Weevil hunting the Janto way, lol! It's from way back in November 2008, vintage smut =D

Summary for Part 1 - In which dogging may not be quite as illegal as one thinks it is.

First part is here.    Parts are linked.

Well, better late (and short) than never! Once again, I apologise. Yesterday was just weird, I completely forgot! Hope you all enjoy the smut! Happy reading!
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