April 3rd, 2019

Dee & Ryo

FAKE Double Drabble: Childish Fun

Title: Childish Fun
Fandom: FAKE
Author: badly_knitted
Characters: Dee, Ryo.
Rating: G
Setting: After the manga.
Summary: Being on vacation should mean you can let your hair down and have fun.
Written Using: The tw100 prompt ‘Incline’.
Disclaimer: I don’t own FAKE, or the characters. They belong to the wonderful Sanami Matoh.
A/N: Double drabble and a half, 250 words.

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BtVS Triple Drabble: Bored

Title: Bored
Fandom: BtVS
Author: badly_knitted
Characters: Buffy, Willow, Giles.
Rating: G
Written For: Challenge 7: Terminal at tripledrabbles.
Spoilers/Setting: Season Two.
Summary: Buffy isn’t exactly cut out for doing research.
Disclaimer: I don’t own BtVS, or the characters. They belong to the wonderful Joss Whedon.
A/N: Triple drabble.

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