August 15th, 2019

Ianto Little Smile

Fic: Suspicious Silence

Title: Suspicious Silence
Author: badly_knitted
Characters: Ianto, Nosy, Meriel.
Rating: G
Spoilers: Nada.
Summary: Ianto is busy doing chores when he notices how quiet Meriel is being.
Word Count: 829
Written For: Prompt 101: Smooth at anythingdrabble.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.
A/N: This is the longer version of the ficlet posted to the community.

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Ryo & Dee - Bath

FAKE Fic: Vacation Fun

Title: Vacation Fun
Fandom: FAKE
Author: badly_knitted
Characters: Dee, Ryo.
Rating: PG
Setting: After Vol. 7.
Summary: The best thing about Dee and Ryo’s Florida vacation turns out to be the swimming pool. And Ryo was worried they wouldn’t have anything to do!
Word Count: 1565
Written For: My own prompt ‘FAKE, Dee/Ryo, swimming pool, at fic_promptly.
Disclaimer: I don’t own FAKE, or the characters. They belong to the wonderful Sanami Matoh.

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