December 28th, 2019

It Happened One Day

Double Drabble: Rained Off

Title: Rained Off
Author: badly_knitted
Characters: Jack, Ianto, Nosy.
Rating: G
Written For: Challenge 584: Coat at tw100.
Spoilers: Nada.
Summary: An unexpected change in the weather spoils Jack’s plans.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.
A/N: Double drabble.

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FAKE Double Drabble: Protection Detail

Title: Protection Detail
Fandom: FAKE
Author: badly_knitted
Characters: Ryo, Dee, Dick the dog.
Rating: G
Setting: After Like Like Love.
Summary: Dogs have to be walked, whatever the weather.
Written Using: The tw100 prompt ‘Coat’.
Disclaimer: I don’t own FAKE, or the characters. They belong to the wonderful Sanami Matoh.
A/N: Double drabble and a half, 250 words.

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Dee & Ryo

FAKE Drabbles Master List N-Z

Nabbed [G]

Natural Reactions [PG] - Sequel to ‘Hate At First Sight’

Naughty [G]

Never-Ending [G]

Never Had A Chance [PG-13]

New Experience [PG]

New Hire [PG]

New Isn't Better [PG]

New Recruits [G]

New Tricks [PG]

New Year Kiss [G]

New Year's Eve [PG]

New York Noir [G]

Nightmares [G]

Nightmare Vacation [G]

Night Walk [G]

No Decency [PG-13]

Noisy Neighbour [PG]

Noisy Night [G]

Nonsense [PG]

No Regrets [PG]

Not A Fan [PG]

Not A Killer [PG]

Not An Illusion [PG]

Not As Planned [PG]

Not A Substitute [PG]

Not Dolls [G]

Not Himself [PG-13]

Not Like Last Year [PG]

Not Meant To Be [G]

Not So Innocent [G]

Not What You Think [PG-13]

No Way [G]

Nuisance [PG]

Objection [PG]

Oblivious [PG]

Observation [PG]

October Night [G]

Off-Duty Incident [PG]

Office Affairs [PG-13]

Old-Fashioned [G]

Old Favourites [G]

Once Bitten [PG]

On Display [PG-13]

On Duty [PG]

One Night [PG]

Only You [PG]

On The Hunt [PG]

On The Menu [G]

On The Water [PG]

On Thin Ice [PG-13]

Opinions [PG]

Opposites [G]

Originals Are Best [G]

Other Plans [G]

Out Of Paradise [G]

Out Of The Loop [PG]

Outspooken [G]

Overreacting [G]

Overreaction [PG]

Overrun [G]

Paperwork [PG]

Parenting [G]

Passing Time [G]

Patriotic Dee [G]

Payback [PG]

Perfect [PG]

Perfect Morning [PG]

Perverts! [G]

Phone Hunt [G]

Pine Needles [PG]

Pitch Black [G]

Plans [G]

Plans Foiled [PG]

Plans Scratched [PG-13]

Planting Season [G]

Play Ball [G]

Playing A Part [G]

Please! [PG-13]

Port In A Storm [PG]

Postcards [G]

Postponed [PG]

Practice Session [PG]

Pranked [G]

Precautionary [PG]

Precious Bundle [PG]

Precious Gift [G]

Predator And Prey [PG]

Prejudice [PG]

Prelude To A Pounce [PG-13]

Pre-Wash Check [G]

Private Celebration [G]

Problem [G]

Promise [PG]

Proposition [G]

Protectors [PG]

Proving His Point [PG]

Rain Wave [G]

Rash Actions [G]

Real [PG-15]

Reality [PG-13]

Real Life [PG]

Real Love [G]

Rebuffed [PG]

Repairs [PG]

Re-Sauce-Ful [PG]

Resisting Arrest [PG]

Resolutions [PG] - Sequel to 'New Year's Eve'

Resolved [G]

Restless [PG-13]

Revelation [PG]

Revenge [PG]

Reward [PG]

Ribbons And Bows [G]

Riding Practice [PG-13]

Rifle Envy [PG]

Rings [G]

Rising Star [G]

Risky Business [PG-13]

Roadblock [G]

Robbing Hood [PG]

Rocking The King [PG]

Romantic Dinner [G]

Romantic Failure [PG]

Romantic Gestures [PG]

Romantic Nonsense [PG]

Romantic Setting [PG]

Romantic Vacation [G]

Rough Night [G]

Ruined [G]

Rules [G]

Rumours [PG]

Rush Hour [G]

Ryo In Danger [G] - Sequel to 'Left Behind'

Ryo Rebels [G]

Ryo's Kink [PG-13]

Sacrifices [G]

Safety First [G]

Same Old Dance [PG]

Sanctuary [PG]

Saved [PG] - Sequel to 'Fighting Back'

Saw Point [G]

Scholarship [G]

Scratched Plans [G]

Second Time [PG]

Security [PG]

Seeing Stars [G]

Seeing The Sights [G]

Seeing The Truth [PG]

Serial Reject [G]

Settling Down [PG]

Sexy Creature [PG]

Shaken [PG]

Shaking [PG]

Shared Happiness [G]

Shelter [G]

Short Vacation [G]

Shot Down [PG]

Sightseeing [G]

Silence [G]

Silver Anniversary [G]

Simple Mistake [G]

Simple Things [G]

Single Again [PG]

Sinking Feeling [G]

Skills [PG]

Sleeping Alone [PG]

Sleeping Beauty [G]

Slippery Problem [PG]

Slippery Slope [PG]

Slip Sliding [G]

Slip Up [PG]

Slobbing About [G]

Smashed [G]

Snacks [G]

Sneezy Hider [G]

Snow Days [G]

Soaked [PG-13]

Solemn Promise [PG]

Soothing [G]

Sore [G]

Sound Of Silence [PG]

Spacious [PG]

Sparked [G]

Sparks [PG]

Special Occasion [PG]

Special Song [G]

Spectacle [G]

Splitsville [PG]

Spoiled For Choice [G]

Spooked [PG]

Sporting Icon [G]

Spring Morning [G]

Spring Thaw [PG]

Springtime [PG]

Sprung [G]

Squashed [PG-13]

Stalker [PG]

Stargazing [PG]

Starlit Romance [PG]

Starting Over [G]

Sticky [PG-13]

Stiff [PG]

Still A Kid [G]

Stocking Up [PG]

Stolen [G]

Stolen Heart [PG]

Stormy Weather [PG]

St. Patrick's Day [G]

Stripped Bare [PG-13]

Stripper [PG-13]

Stuffed [G]

Stumped [G]

Stupid Mistake [G]

Stupid Technology [PG]

Subway Incident [G]

Subway Riders [G]

Summer Shower [G]

Sunflowers [G]

Sunk [PG]

Sunrise Celebration [G]

Sunshine [G]

Super Powers [PG]

Supportive Boyfriend [PG] - Follows Training

Surplus [G]

Surprise! [G]

Surprise Apology [G]

Surprise Visit [G]

Surprising Ryo [PG]

Suspicious [PG]

Sweet Anticipation [PG]

Sweet Surprise [PG]

Symbolic [G]

Take A Bow [G]

Take That! [PG]

Taking A Break [G]

Taking Action [PG]

Taking Sides [G]

Tasty Treat [G]

Taxing [G]

Teamwork [PG]

Tears [G]

Teatime [G]

Technical Issues [PG]

Tempted [PG]

Tempting Array [G]

Tempting Offer [PG]

Ten Years [PG]

Thanksgiving [G]

Thank You Letter [G]

That's Entertainment [PG-13]

The Ashtray [G] - Sequel to 'Last Cigarette'

The Banana Game [PG-15]

The Benefits Of Cleaning [PG]

The Best Laid Plans [PG-13]

The Best Medicine [G]

The Best Thing [PG]

The Boss [G]

The Bridge [G]

The Bright Side [PG]

The Burden Of Grief [G]

The Candy Bar [G]

The Champ [PG]

The Hardest Part [PG]

The Hawaiian Job [G]

The Little Things [G]

The Morning After [PG-13]

The Naked Truth [PG]

The Nut Affair [PG]

The Odd Couple [G]

The Old Couple [PG]

The Old Hotel [G]

The Old Place [PG]

The Parade [PG]

The Perfect Gift [G]

The Reality Of Myths [G]

The Right Attitude [PG]

The Right Tool [G]

The Storm [PG]

The Tower [PG]

The Tree [G]

They Don't Know [PG]

Thirsty Work [G]

Thirty [G]

Tick Tick Tick [PG]

Tidying Up [PG]

Time For Bed [G]

Time To Celebrate [PG-13]

Tip-Off [PG]

Tired And Dazed [PG]

Tomorrow [G]

Too Charming [PG]

Too Late [G]

Too Much Of A Bad Thing [G]

Too Nice [G]

Too Old [PG]

Top Of His Game [G]

Torture [PG-15]

To The Rescue [G]

Tough Break [G]

Tough Choice [PG]

Tough Love [G]

Touring [G]

Tourists [G]

To Wish Or Not [PG]

Traffic Duty [G]

Training [G]

Treasure [G]

Tricked [PG]

Trouble [PG]

Troubling Response [PG]

Troublemakers [G]

True Companions [G]

True Friendship [G]

Truth Hurts [PG]

Try Anything [G]

Tube Travel [G]

Tuning Out [PG]

Turning Up The Heat [G]

Two More Years [PG]

Ultimate Revenge [PG]

Ultimatum [PG]

Unanswered Questions [PG]

Unchanged [G]

Uncomfortable [PG]

Uncomfortable Error [G]

Undercover Blues [G]

Underwhelmed [G]

Undeserved Fate [PG]

Undressed [PG-13]

Unexpected [PG-13]

Unexpected Appearances [G] - Sequel to 'Acting On Impulse'

Unexpected Find [PG]

Unexpected News [PG]

Unexpected Paradise [G]

Unexpected Visitor [G]

Unhealthy Eating [G]

Uninhibited [PG-13]

Uninterested [G]

Unjust [G]

Unknown Family [G]

Unlimited Choices [PG]

Unlucky Break [PG]

Unlucky Day [G]

Unnerving [G]

Unravelling [PG]

Unreasonable [G]

Unseasonal [G]

Unshakeable [PG]

Unsteady [G]

Unwanted Honor [PG]

Unwelcome Change [G]

Unwise [PG-13]

Up And Down [G]

Urban Jungle [PG]

Useless [PG]

Vacation Anticipation [G]

Vacation Interrupted [G] - Sequel to ‘Mysterious And Familiar People’

Vacation Persuasion [G]

Valentine Roses [G]

Valentine Surprise [G]

Valuable [PG]

Vanished [PG]

Vengeance [G]

Verbal Slip [PG]

Victorious [G]

Victory [G]

Views [PG]

Village Idyll [G]

Vocation [PG]

Wait For It... [PG]

Waiting To Be Noticed [G]

Wake-Up Call [G]

Walkies [G]

Wall Art [G]

Wandering Eyes [PG-13]

Wandering Toes [PG]

Wanting More [PG]

Wanting To Forget [PG]

War At Home [G]

Warm Milk [G]

Watching [PG]

Water Life [G]

Way Back When [G]

Weather Woes [G]

Weather Worries [G]

Weekends Afloat [G]

Weird Behaviour [G]

Welcome Home [PG-13]

Well Fed [G]

Wet Weather [G]

Whatever It Takes [G]

What If? [G]

What Love Is [G]

What Makes A Dad [G]

When Coffee's Not Enough [G]

When Morning Comes [PG-13]

Whimsical [PG]

Wildfire [PG]

Wildlife [G]

Wild Side [PG-15]

Window Watching [G]

Windy Day [G]

Windy Night [G]

Wine And Moonlight [PG] -  Sequel to 'Vacation Interrupted'

Winner [PG]

Winter Commute [G]

Winter Night [G]

Winter Sidewalks [PG]

Winter Warmer [G]

Wishful Thinking [PG-15]

Without Intent [PG]

With The Fishes [G]

Witness Unprotected [G]

Wonderful [G]

Wondering [G]

Wonders Of Nature [G]

Woo Hoo! [PG-15] - Sequel to 'Finding Heaven'

Workin' Overtime [G]

Workplace Etiquette [PG]

Work Schedules [G]

Worrying Silence PG]

Worth The Wait [PG]

Worth Waiting For [G]

Worthwhile [G]

Wrecked Plans [PG]

Yet To Come [PG]

Young Love [G]

Young Rascal [G]