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Ianto Little Smile

July 2019



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Laughing Jack

Drabble: Supermarket Shock

Title: Supermarket Shock

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Ianto, Jack. Random OFC

Rating: G

Written For: Challenge 312 – Awkward Moments at tw100

Spoilers: Nada.

Summary: Ianto’s feeling let down…

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

As Ianto checked his shopping list, a diminutive young woman approached him.

“Excuse me, could you pass me a packet of those crackers from the top shelf, please?”

“No problem.”

Naturally, the crackers were right at the back of the shelf. Despite his height, even Ianto had to stretch up on tiptoes to reach them. As he did so, he felt a strange twanging sensation. He couldn’t think what it might be, until he became aware of a sudden draft as his trousers dropped around his ankles.

His belt had snapped.

“That’s why I wear braces,” Jack commented unhelpfully, smirking.

The End


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Tstt tstt... Jack isn't very charitable and I suspect he does more than enjoy the view. Naughty Jack!

And I would remind him Henry Fonda's quote in the film Once upon a time in the West who says to never trust a man who wears a belt AND braces, because you can't trust a man who doesn't trust his own trousers.

Does it means Ianto is trustworthy and Jack is not? Hum... I wonder... lol

Very nice, anyway. :D
LOL! Well, we all know that Jack cheats, so he can't really be called trustworthy. Maybe Jack wears belt and braces more because he doesn't trust himself, lol!

I'm sure Jack enjoyed the view, I just hope he stopped drooling long enough to help Ianto make himself presentasble again!

(Did you get Providence back okay?)
LOL! No good deed goes unpunished. And of course Jack is there to point and laugh. :-p
Because he does so enjoy half-naked Ianto, lol!

Poor Ianto, some days he just can't win!

Thank you!

What a brat. I'm sure Ianto will get even.
Jack will soon lose that smirk, Ianto will have his revenge ;)

Thank you!
Oh no!
Poor Ianto - more than a slight loss of dignity there!
And of course Jack would laugh. And his laugh is not subtle - it would draw lots of attention!
But I'm sure his audience enjoyed the show ;-)
Now he (you) just needs to think of a way to get back at Jack.... :-)
I'm being awfully mean to poor Ianto aren't I?

Jack would laugh even if it was his own trousers that fell down, he has no shame.

I will try to think of a suitable punishment for Jack, but I don't know when it will happen.

I should be writing bingo fics, but I'm completely stalled, can't get up motivation to even try. That's partly because I'm feeling like crap at the moment, partly because I have so much else to do. Signing up for bingo was probably a bad idea at this point in time, but I'll just have to try to get my brain to focus.

Haha, poor Ianto! He'll never go to that supermarket again! xD
There must be quite a few places in Cardiff he can never bear to show his face again, poor boy!

Thank you!
hahahahah and now you have solved the mystery!
Jack has his reasons, lol!

Thank you!
This is where Jack gets to sleep on the sofa, right? *laughs*
On the floor I think, like the dog he is!

Thank you!
The important questions are boxers or briefs? Or does Ianto go commando?
Boxers, I believe. Luckily they weren't a novelty pair either, 'cause that would be adding insult to injury, lol!

Thank you.

You are on such a roll now! Now we have enough OCs for an orgy...

And Ianto's ready for it at least :)

Maybe if Ianto can stop blushing for long enough! I'm sure Jsck would like the idea.

Thank you!
I'm feeling a bit jealous of this young woman. As a short person I've had to ask tall men to get something off the top shelf for me, and I've never gotten such a nice show...LOL
Same here, they all stay resolutely dressed. Shame. Mind you, the last guy I asked was so tall he didn't even have to stretch. Being short is a pain.

Thank you!
Of course it's Jack's fault! He keeps using Ianto's belt to tie him up, that was bound to weaken it eventually, lol!

Ianto is beginning to think hisd dignity is a lost cause, poor boy.

Thank you!
Oh how I'd want to smack Jack over the head with the box of crackers. Repeatedly. The smug bastard!

Edited at 2014-04-13 01:45 pm (UTC)
But that would break the crackers.... Surely the broken belt would make a better weapon, Jack deserves a spanking!

Thank you!
LOLOL I would LOVE to have been there to see that.

Great drabble.
So would I! But I feel for poor, embarrassed Ianto!

Thank you.
OMG LMAO!!! Poor Ianto! Shut UP, Jack! Oh, he's so gonna get Jack for this one!
Ianto will have his revenge. Somehow!

Thank you!
wish I had been there to see it!
A sight like that would have brightened my supermarket shopping today, lol!

Thank you!
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