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Ianto Little Smile

October 2022



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Dee & Ryo

FAKE Drabble Set: Kitten Tale – Sequel to ‘Kindred Spirits’

Title: Kitten Tale – Sequel to ‘Kindred Spirits’

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Dee, Ryo, Bikky, Kitten

Rating: G

Spoilers: Nada.

Summary: The kitten gradually becomes part of the family

Disclaimer: I don’t own FAKE, or the characters. They belong to the wonderful Sanami Matoh.

Setting: Probably after Vol. 7

A/N: This one’s also for awieatti, a continuation of my kitten drabble. This one’s a set of six drabbles tracing the kitten’s first week or so in its new home.

“Well that was a waste of time,” grumbled Dee, sliding into the passenger seat. “You find anything?”

Ryo shook his head.

“No. If there was anything there to find, it probably got washed away in the storm.” He smiled wryly at Dee as he started the car then paused, frowning. “Dee, why is your shirt moving?”

“Oh yeah. Well, I did find one thing.” He reached inside his shirt and pulled out the kitten. “It was shut in a box, just dumped. I couldn’t leave it there.” He held the kitten out to Ryo.

“It’s so tiny. Poor little thing.”


Ryo insisted on driving straight to the nearest vet’s to get the kitten checked over. The vet’s face was a picture as she dealt with two handsome police officers fretting over a tiny abandoned kitten.

“Will he be okay?” asked Dee.

“It’s a female. She’s weak, but she’s a fighter,” the vet replied. “She needs food and warmth more than anything. I’ll fetch some kitten food.”

Kitten tucked safely back inside Dee’s shirt and a bag full of kitty supplies in hand, they returned to the car, radioed in that they were heading home and drove back to their apartment.


“What the hell is that?” Bikky sounded horrified.

“Bikky, language!” Ryo chastised his son. “This is our new kitten.”

“Huh. If you wanted a kitten, couldn’t you have got one that doesn’t look like a drowned rat?”

“Shut it, twerp! I found her in a box dumped in the alley like so much trash. It’s not her fault she looks like this. She just needs feeding up.” Dee cradled the kitten protectively.

Bikky shrugged.

“Whatever. Just keep it out of my way. I’m going out.”

Dee glared after the boy.

“He’ll come around,” Ryo reassured him. “Just give it time.”


“She needs a name,” Dee decided, peering into the box at the sleeping kitten.

She was curled up in the cosy bed they’d made for her out of one of Dee’s old sweaters, snuggled up against the teddy bear Ryo had given her for company. Fed and warm now, she was looking a bit better.

“Kuro,” Ryo suggested. “It’s Japanese for ‘black’.”

Dee smiled crookedly.

“I like that. It suits her.” Kuro twitched one tiny ear. “See? She agrees.”

“She’s dreaming kitten dreams. We should get some sleep too, Dee, we’re on early shift tomorrow.”

“I guess. Sweet dreams, Kuro.”


The day after they brought their new pet home, they’d caught Bikky sneakily feeding her scraps of chicken he’d saved from dinner.

He’d blushed and mumbled, “It looked hungry,” before vanishing into his bedroom. “Gotta do homework.”

Ryo smiled over at Dee. It looked like Kuro was doing a good job of winning the boy over.

Dee picked the kitten up and sat her on his lap, where she curled up and started to purr, her whole tiny body vibrating with contentment.

“I never thought a woman would come between us,” Ryo teased.

“I still love you the most, baby.”


Good food and care soon made a difference. Kuro filled out, starting to look less like a rat and more like a kitten.

Ryo watched Bikky trying to do his homework, lying on the living room rug. He was having difficulty because of the kitten asleep in the middle of the page. He wondered what Bikky’s teacher would make of the gap in his essay.

“Why don’t you just move her instead of trying to write around her?”

Bikky glanced up.

“It’s about her. Thought it’d be cool to leave her outline in the middle.”

Ryo smiled. Kuro was accepted.

The End (For Now)


That's so adorable! I'm practically ''awww''-ing and giggling at the same time right now :'D
I wanna be the vet! xD
Thank you for dedicating this lovely drabble set to me! ^_^
You're welcome! You gave me the original prompt, so it really wouldn't have happened without you!

I hope to write more drabbles with the kitten in future, but first I want to write a few more based on the manga.
Aww Kuro is so sweet :-)

How old is Bikky? I didn't like him in drabble 3 - he seemed like a bit of a rude spoiled brat and shouldn't be talking to his dad like that. But then by drabble 5 he had started to win me over - he can't be all bad if he is sneaking chicken to the kitten :-)

And the last drabble is just so cute :-)
I'm thinking about 14 in this. Ryo isn't Bikky's biological father.

Bikky's had a tough life. Mother gone who knows where, his dad was a small-time drug dealer who was murdered when he was about 10. Dee and Ryo were assigned to the case and because Bikky's life was possibly in danger, Ryo took him in to protect him and then chose to foster him. He's a good kid, underneath the street punk image, he just gets scared sometimes that someone or something else will take his place in Ryo's affections so he acts up. Bikky and Dee fight all the time, they're a lot alike. Dee was abandoned in an alley as a baby, grew up in an orphanage. He's just a street punk made good, for all his brash confidence he has his own insecurities and doesn't like sharing Ryo. Despite the open warfare though, Dee would do anything to protect Bikky and Bikky respects Dee, in his own roundabout way - usually while calling him a pervert and clobbering him if he tries to lay a hand on Ryo. It's quite a violent household, lol.

Thank you.
That's adorable!

Of course Kuro won Bikky over. No one can long withstand the utter cureness of the kitten. *nods*
Kittens are irresistible, even the Bikkys of the world can't help falling for their charm, lol!

Thank you!