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Ianto Little Smile

August 2019



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Drabble: Locked In

Title: Locked In

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Jack, and someone else

Rating: G

Written For: Challenge 313 – Open at tw100. Prompt used is Challenge 151: Locked In A Room.

Spoilers: Nada.

Summary: Jack accidentally triggers a lockdown.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

A/N: My third drabble for this prompt.

Jack groaned, tempted to bang his head repeatedly on the wall. Of all the rotten luck… Today just wasn’t going his way.

The Hub had gone into lockdown, sealing him in the archives. To make it worse, it was his own fault; he’d opened a vial of fragrant oil, the Hub’s systems had decided it was unrecognised and possibly dangerous, and had initiated security protocols. It was actually harmless; the scent simply stimulated one’s senses.

A faint sound made him turn. There stood Ianto.

“Locked in are we?”

“Apparently so.” Jack smiled. Maybe things weren’t as bad as he’d thought.

The End


Well, I'm glad it was Ianto locked in with Jack....
So is Jack! I think they'll have fun until the lockdown lifts ;)

Thank you!
Well well well, at least now they have an excuse for having some alone time, hehe! ;D
Great drabble! But they should do something about this lockdown system...
It's sensitive for a reason - Jack just needs to not open things the system doesn't recognise as harmless while in the Hub. Either that or get Tosh to update mainframe's data banks to include the oil as a known, harmless subatance. It really is his own fault, but at least he has Ianto for company, they'll make the most of it ;)
I think Jack's thinking the lockdown system works just fine right about now. I sometimes think Mainframe's just really devious.
Jack's no longer annoyed with himself, he's decided that it's serendipity so he'll focus all his attention on Ianto while they await the end of the lockdown, lol!

Thank you!
YAY! Ianto is in there too, maybe after Jack is told off for a while, they can engage in some interesting activities!
Jack thinks they you get straight to the interesting activities. They're not going anywhere, being told off can wait, lol! After all, Ianto doesn't know yet WHY they're locked in ;)

Thank you!
Hmm...locked in with Ianto, and with a sense-enhancing oil? This must be Jack's lucky day...LOL!
Things are certainly looking up! I think they're both in for a very good time =)

Thank you!
I bet time will just fly for them. :)
I'm sure you're right, they probably won't evn notice when the lockdown ends ;)

Thank you!
Heh heh heh ... oh the funside of a lockdown... :D :D :D Guess Jack and Ianto will just have to 'wait' it out... :D :D :D
They don't mind waiting, I'm sure they can find plenty of things to do ;)

Thank you!
Naughty fun during lockdown! Nice! ;D
And Jack's not going to tell Ianto how the lockdown happened until AFTER it ends, lol!

Thank you!
I always wondered about a lockdown system that locks you IN with the hazardous chemical/device/aliens/what have you/. I guess it's to protect the world outside, but JEEZE! :-p

I'm glad in this case there is no actual threat, and that Ianto is there to help "pass the time". Jack's day is definitely looking up! :D
It has to really, if you think about it. Whoever is there could well be infected/contaminated and the lockdown would be for nothing if it let them out first. The systems will scrub the air then when all traces of the 'harmful' substance have been eliminated, lockdown will lift at someone in a hazmat suit would be able to enter and treat the affected people.

Of course, if Jack and Ianto use the oil, they could be stuck in there quite a while. At least until Tosh can override lockdown or convince mainframe that the substance is harmless, lol!

Thank you!
Jack's day is definitely getting better.
No danger. Locked in. With Ianto. And hightend stimulated senses. :-)
Good times will be had, that's for sure!

Thank you!
ouf! it's Ianto with this aphrodisiac fragrance oil!
Jack is lucky.
but when Ianto will know why they knocked...

on the other hand, he also likes this kind of interlude.
I think Ianto will forgive Jack for getting them locked in as long as they have a good time while they're trapped!

Thank you!