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Ianto Little Smile

July 2019



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Drabble: Resentment

Title: Resentment

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Owen, mentions Suzie, Gwen, Jack

Rating: G

Written For: Challenge 313 – Open at tw100. Prompt used is Challenge 84: Replacement.

Spoilers: Everything Changes.

Summary: Owen resents Suzie’s replacement.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

A/N: My fifth drabble for this prompt.
A/N: Apologies for not posting on ff.net, something's up with that site so I'll post these there when it gets fixed.

Suzie was barely gone and Jack had already hired her replacement, some naïve, still wet behind the ears rookie police constable with no experience or useful skills. Probably never even held a gun.

So she’d tracked them to their secret base, so what? And yeah, ordering pizzas under the name ‘Torchwood’ probably hadn’t been his brightest idea but no one was perfect. Suzie sure as hell hadn’t been. She’d had a dark side, haunted by her own demons, damaged just like the rest of them, but she’d belonged in ways Gwen never would.

Owen was determined to break PC Cooper.

The End


mmm and Owen found his original way to break her ...
Yeah, by sleeping with her, making her cheat on her boyfriend, then dumping her. It sort of backfired though, she neer even noticed she'd been dumped.
This is very true, she was far easier than he expected.

Thank you!
Whoa, Owen can be SCARY sometimes!
I can understand him though...

Good drabble!
So can I. Gwen waltzes in acting like she's better than everyone else because she has a boyfriend... No one likes a self-righteous know-it-all who insists on going on and on about her happy relationship, rubbing everyone's noses in the fact that they've lost everyone who matters to them.

Thank you!
Well he did in another sort of way.

Great drabble.
Whatever method works, lol!

Thank you!
Oh yeah, I can see this...and of course this makes him seducing her make so much sense.
Precisely! And she made it so easy for him too, he hardly had to make an effort.

Thank you!
Not the first time resentment has turned into attraction - seems to me he's the one who got broke, though...
I don't see it that way. Owen got broken by Diane, but I don't believe he ever really cared for Gwen. He wanted to break up her happy relationship because she kept going on about it and he was bitter enough to want her to feel what it was like to lose someone. He mellowed eventually, but I don't think he loved Gwen, he was just using her and proving a point, that he could get her into bed. Gwen broke herself with her attitude to Rhys, cheating on him then drugging him. If she'd been anyone else, she would have lost Rhys, but because she's Gwen she got to keep everything.

Yep, I'm an old cynic.

Thank you.
Aha now it finally makes sense why Owen wanted her!
Shame it didn't really work though - She never even noticed he had broken her. She got to have her fun with Owen and keep Rhys. Life can be so unfair sometimes.
Yeah, she was just too oblivious for it to work. Still, Owen had a bit of fun and a convenient shag for a while, until he got bored with her, which Gwen typically failed to notice. *shrugs* The best laid plans, and all that.

Thank you!
Owen breaks her; she never notices and brags about Rhys. Could it be Gwen never noticed Owen dumped her because her focus was on Jack and Ianto's relationship and how she felt Jack was 'in love' with her because of his flirting? This is one of your most interesting takes on the TW team yet!
Gwen was so completely self-involved that most obvious things went straight over her head. I don't think she can even conceive of a man NOT being madly in love with her. She treats Rhys like dirt yet expects him to be there whenever she deigns to notice him and it never occurs to her that Owen might fall in love with someone, because after all, she's already sleeping with him when she's not with loyal Rhys. Her behaviour just disgusted me.

Thank you.
it is quite right! Owen led his life difficult.
Owen had his reasons. Gwen has had such an easy life compared to the rest of the team, accepting her as part of the team must have been hard on them all.

Thank you!