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Ianto Little Smile

August 2019



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Drabble: Fallout – Sort of sequel to ‘Suspicion’

Title: Fallout – Sort of sequel to ‘Suspicion’

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Gwen, Rhys

Rating: G

Written For: Challenge 313 – Open at tw100. Prompt used is Challenge 128: Fallout.

Spoilers: Combat. This is completely AU for consequences though.

Summary: Rhys gets his memory back.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

A/N: My tenth drabble for this prompt. You lucky people, you’re getting a second drabble today because I had this idea for a sequel to the last one =)

“I can’t forgive you.”

“What?” Gwen looked up from her cereal to see Rhys standing by the breakfast bar.

“I remember everything, Gwen. You cheated on me with some bloke at work, drugged me so you could make yourself feel better without ‘aving to deal with the fallout. Only your fancy amnesia drug wore off or something, ‘cause I remember you cryin’, beggin’ me to forgive you. I can’t though. I need time to think, so I’m leavin’. Maybe I’ll call you, but don’t hold your breath.

Then Rhys was gone, leaving Gwen stunned and lost.

What had she done?

The End


Aw, now you make me feel sorry for Gwen! But it's her own fault after all. And I'm pretty sure Rhys will be to nice to really leave her... or will he?
I don't know. After all, how can you trust someome who would drug you to avoid faces the consequences of their infidelity? I think Rhys deserves better. Gwen always treated him so badly, how far can you push someone before they just can't find it in themselves love you anymore?

Gwen did this to herself, now she has to face what she did.

Thank you!
Go Rhys go! that was the way it should have been ....
It's certainly how I would have liked it to go!

Thank you!
When I went looking for a Rhys icon, I fell in love with this one, he's just so adorable =)

This is what I wanted to happen, Gwen got off scot free and that was just wrong, she needed to face the consequences of cheating.

Thank you!
Go, Rhys! You deserve so much better than Gwen...
He's outta there, it's doubtful that he'll be back. I wouldn't stay with someone who drugged me.

Thank you!
You go Rhys. You tell her.
Now he remembers, he's not going to stay in the same flat. He's off to Banana Boat's place, he'll stay there until he finds a new place.

Thank you!
Rhys deserved so much better than to be drugged, lied to and used. Now will Gwen wake up or continue deluding herself and chasing Jack?
Even if she DOES try chasing Jack, it won't do her any good. My version of Jack isn't interested in Gwen, he was just envious of the life she had. He's going to be very disappointed in her. After all the times he pushed her back towards Rhys and told her not to let it drift, she's screwd up so badly that she's lost her boyfriend.

Thank you!
EXACTLY! And as a police constable, there would have been things she couldn't talk to him about. Any ongoing cases, you can't discuss with anyone who isn't weorking with you. So how is Torchwood any different? Plus, instead of lying to Rhys, she could have told him the truth - that her job is top secret, she's signed the offcial secrets act and can't talk to him about it. That doesn't mean she can't say to Rhys "I've had a rotten day, I need a hug." Her 'reasons' for sleeping with Owen were simply excuses to do something she wanted to do, justifying it to herself. She needed someone to talk to? She had 4 colleagues she could talk to, she didn't need to havr sex with one of them in order to talk.

Thank you!
Gwens got herself into a BIIG pickle here.

Great drabble
It's about time she learned what effect her infidelity has on Rhys instead of trying to have her cake and eat it. She didn't deserve Rhys' love and loyalty because she didn't give the same in return.
I'm not a Gwen hater but there are things she's done that push the limits. One has always been her treatment of Rhys.
I just couldn't find any redeeming qualities in Gwen anyway, but what she did to Rhys was one of her lowest points and her excuses were spurious at best. The writers did a very bad job with her, she was not an admirable character.

Thank you.
Rhys the rant has more simple decency in his left leg then Gwen does in her entire body.
This is true. He's a good man, honest and decent. He doesn't know if he could ever trust Gwen again; I think it would be better if he didn't.

Thank you!
Gwen's excuse for sleeping with Owen was that she couldn't confide in Rhys. However, the incident that put her over the edge wasn't even remotely related to aliens or the Rift. It was those crazy cannibals. No reason why she couldn't have talked to Rhys about that. Total cop-out.
On top of that, how does not being able to confide in her boyfriend translate into having to have sex with her co-worker? She had four colleagues she could have TALKED to about what had happened, what they'd all been though, without jumping into bed with any of them. She came up with these spurious excuses to justify doing something she wanted to do, so that it wasn't HER fault that she cheated on Rhys, the job made her do it, she was completely blameless, a victim of circumstances. *rolls eyes* Gwen needs to grow up and take responsibility for her own actions, but she never does. It's always someone else's fault or something she was forced into against her will so she can put on her 'Poor Little Me' act and expect everyone to feel sorry for her.

Thank you!
Go Rhys! Don't let her get away with it!
He's out of there, and he ain't coming back! Well, he will to get his belongings while she's at work, but that's it.

Thank you!