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A New Year - Time For Resolutions!

A New Year is here and it's traditional to make resolutions, which is something I'm crap at! However this year, I have one I hope to stick to! It involves reading fanfiction =)

It occurs to me that there are hundreds of fanfic series that I haven't had a chance to read yet. Mostly I stick to oneshots, with a few WiPs that I follow. So, my resolution is to pick a completed, shortish fanfic series each week to read - longer ones might take a couple of weeks to read of course, but I hope to finish reading one most weeks.

Since this week is already half gone, I've chosen a very short one - this week's fic is to be *fanfare*

Secrets by sqyd - an imaginary season 4, post CoE, with Ianto in the list of characters.

Part 1 is here if anyone else wants to read it

Wish me luck!

Tags: fic of the week, new year, reading
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