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Ianto Little Smile

August 2019



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Ianto Little Smile

Drabble: Gone Fishing

Title: Gone Fishing

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Ianto, Jack, Tosh & Owen

Rating: G

Written For: Challenge 313 – Open at tw100. Prompt used is Challenge 154: Heroes Gone Fishing.

Spoilers: Nada.

Summary: The Torchwood team spend a relaxing afternoon enjoying their job for once.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

A/N: My fourteenth drabble for this challenge.

It wasn’t how they’d expected the afternoon to go, but really, there were worse things to be doing.

Ianto waved to Tosh and Owen in their boat across the other side of the pond.

“How many have you got?”

“Thirty two so far, what about you?”

“Ha!” cried Jack triumphantly, “We’re winning; this makes thirty eight!” He upended his fishing net and dropped another glowing disc in the bottom of the boat he shared with Ianto. “Steer left, Ianto, I see three more over there.”

Ianto smiled and started rowing. Who else went fishing for alien data discs but Torchwood?

The End


Fishing for alien data discs?! That sounds like a kind of fishing even I would enjoy! ;D (no fishies get killed, yay!)

Edited at 2014-04-25 07:36 pm (UTC)
They've got those little nets on long canes, like I used as a kid fishing for minnows and things. Jack's is pink and Tosh has a purple one. ;)

Thank you!
Jack's is PINK?! *gigglesnort* He always knows how to be fabulous, doesn't he? xD
Jack likes to feel pretty, lol!
I can picture that so well in my head! x'D
Of course Jack's good at fishing! Even if it's for alien tech. :)
I can just picture him with his little cane handled net, lol! He's having a happy time =)

Thank you!
Their job requires the weirdest skill set. Lol.
It helps to be a Jack of all trades. Can you fire a gun? Defuse a bomb? Row a boat? Weld? Use a butterfly net?

Thank you!
Nothing like a friendly 'fishing' completion on beautiful afternoon.
It's good for team-building, plus it's fun, lol! At least until someone (probably Jack) falls in!

Thank you!
Gets shoved in, you mean! For one too many inappropriate comment that can't be followed through on a boat in the middle of a lake - at least not with Tosh and Owen watching... ;)

This is something I'd love to have seen in the beginning of an episode. Unexpected, yet still so Torchwood! ^^
*grins* Ianto doesn't need to shove Jack, just make the boat rock as little when he's stretching out to reach another of the discs. That way he can always claim it was accidental ;)

It would have made a fun start to an episode, we didn't really get to see enough of them dealing with the more innocuous items that must fall though the Rift. It's good to be reminded that it's not all doom and gloom in Torchwood.

Thank you!
OMG! that was fabulous! and I'm sure that Jack will manage to win the "competition" and still look manly at it with his pink net!
*grins* He's very competetive, is Jack. Tosh thin ks it's funny that Jack's turned it into a contest, but Owen is urging her to try harder because if Jack wins he'll be crowing about it for days, lol!

Thank you!
Leave it to Jack to make it a competition. *giggles* At least he makes the work fun! ;D
He has a competetive streak, lol!

It does mean that the retrieval is a lot more fun though!

Thank you!
LOL only torchwood.
They have their own way of doing things ;)

Thank you!
SMH... Only Jack and his team could give new meaning to 'going fishing' :D
A really terrific use of that prompt.
Sometimes it's nice to give them something fun to do =)

Thank you!
Well, not up to that point. Give Jack time, I'm sure he'll stretch too far at some point, lol!

Thank you!
Hehe, sounds like fun :-)
I can just picture them with their little nets, lol!

Thank you!
for once this is a job that relaxes together.
although in Cardiff they are lucky to have the sun.
The sun does shine in Wales sometimes, I remember quite a few sunny family holidays in various parts of the country.

I like to give them some happy times, it can't all be life or death!

Thank you!