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June 2023



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Fic Of The Week - Week 2

Week one of my reading challenge was a success, I read and thoroughly enjoyed Secrets .

This week I'm choosing another short series, just 6 Parts - What I Found At The Warehouse by vittani

Part 1 is here for anyone wishing to read along with me: http://vittani.livejournal.com/5225.html#cutid1

I chose this one as I've already read a few one-shots in this 'verse but never got around to reading how it all started. I figure it's about time I remedied that oversight. It's an Alien Ianto fic written for the Alternate Ianto Halloween challenge on the longliveianto community.

(Can anyone explain to me why the little tab that allows you to add links for lj users and communities won't work?)


Saving short-cut to my fic folder. Can't wait to read! Ianto & Teradactyl! :D
I think you'll like this 'Verse, it's probably not quite what you'd expect but it's a brilliant idea!

I should have read this before any of the short stories, but I wasn't reading series at the time, so I guess I'm kind of reading things backwards. Well, I always was a bit strange... lol!
Why do I keep going and replying to you at DW first?...then realize you posted here too. Just like to stay on LJ more unless it's down, but doesn't matter either way.

I need to see what this one is about...a bit confuse? Ianto is not all human?
I guess it's fair to say Ianto isn't human at all, in the strictest since, since he's an alien in this - but he can take human shape. I always think it's a cool idea to have Ianto as an alien species (especially a very long-lived one) who either looks human or can take human form. It means Jack can have his Ianto around for much, much longer than if he was a regular human. Fic writers come up with so many brilliant ideas. They really should have been the ones writing Torchwood. Script writers clearly don't have the imagination!
Script writers really aren't imaginative, you're right. I have read some great fanfics that I wish had been made into shows.
Fanfic writers are an untapped resource!
Thanks for the recs. I just finished Secrets. You're correct; it wasn't quite what I had expected. It's old too, I wonder how I managed to miss it.

Knew it was going to be one of my favorites when this line popped up about an alien: "It was indeed huge and uglier than the bastard child of Dame Edna and a Weevil."
Oh yes, that was a great line! I thought the whole series was wonderful, and the OCs were fascinating people. Sometimes OCs are rather flat but these were three dimensional people it was easy to care about.

I set this challenge for myself to try to read some of the backlog of complete series I seem to have (though it has to be shortish ones to read in a week). So far, so good. Some will be a bit longer and there will be a mix of older series and fairly new ones that I haven't read yet, so some of the ones I pick you may have already read (I'm considering the recent Jack And The Beanstalk by iced_champagne for the next one - I was too busy just before Christmas to read it), but hopefully there will be some you haven't read.

I hope to read around 50 this year, though some with more chapter may take a couple of weeks for me to read. I'm aiming for between 1 and 3 chapters a day, depending on the length of the fics and the length of the chapters, as I still want to keep up with the new one-shots and eventually get back to writing as well.
thank you for highlighting some great stories that i would have missed.
You're welcome! I plan to post a link to a different story each week, so keep watching, you might find some more you haven't read!

vittani has written several short stories to follow What I Found At The Warehouse - they're all gathered together under the title Pterodactyl Jones Verse here:

I think they're great! There are a couple I haven't read yet myself, so I'm going to read them when I finish What I Found...