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December 2023



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Dee & Ryo

FAKE Double Drabble: Chief Smith’s Decision

Title: Chief Smith’s Decision

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Chief Smith, Detectives Laytner and Maclean

Rating: G

Setting: The start of Vol. 1

Summary: Chief Smith finds a possible solution to the problem that is Dee Laytner.

Disclaimer: I don’t own FAKE, or the characters. They belong to the wonderful Sanami Matoh.

A/N: The dialogue is borrowed from the manga.

A/N2: This one’s a double drabble, 200 words.

Sometimes Warren Smith felt like he was banging his head against a brick wall, that wall being the thick skull of Dee Laytner, Detective and bane of his existence.

It wasn’t that he didn’t like Dee; the man was charming, friendly, street-smart and a damn good cop. But he played fast and loose with the rules, was terminally lazy when it came to paperwork, and landed himself in more trouble than all the precinct’s other detectives put together.

Yelling at Laytner wasn’t working, the Chief wasn’t even sure the idiot was listening, but he didn’t know what else to try.


The new recruit blundered into the Chief’s office just as he was making yet another futile attempt at getting through to Laytner.

Quiet, polite, smartly dressed, he couldn’t have been less like Dee if he’d tried. Which gave Chief Smith an idea. Laytner went through partners like nobody’s business. No one seemed willing to put up with him for long. Perhaps he was being a bit petty, but he was annoyed at being interrupted.

The Chief smirked. It would be interesting to see how long this one lasted.

“Hey, Rookie, meet your new partner.”

Maybe he’d teach Dee some manners.

The End


Little did Smith know what he was going to create...
He's regretting his decision now - Dee has totally corrupted Ryo, lol!

Thank you!
They're both going to learn a lot from each other before the dust settles.
They will, but the Chief is going to wish he hadn't partnered them once Ryo starts picking up Dee's bad habits, lol!

Thank you!
*grins* And this is how it all started! ;D
They should probably thank the Chief for partnering them up that day! ;) If they hadn't been forced to work together and therefore spend time with each other, who knows if they would have fallen in love at all?
Yeah, the boys are grateful (at least in the end) but the Chief is cursing himself because instead of Dee's behaviour improving, Ryo has started to fall into Dee's bad habits.

Thank you. I have a bunch of other drabbles set during the early part of volume 1, I need to get back to writing some more, there's so much to explore =)
Hehe I can just picture this!

Too bad he doesn't realise the influence can go both ways! Dee might pick up Ryo's good habits but Ryo is just as likely to pick up Dee's bad ones.

But being forced to work together forged more than just a professional partnership :-)
(reminds me a bit of when I was at school our physics teacher made us sit alphabetically so he wouldn't actually have to learn our names and we wouldn't be sitting with our friends and talking all the time. I got put next to a girl I didn't know but who 16 years later is still my best friend now!)
Dee is very set in his ways,. so yeah, chief Smith is VERY disappointed in Ryo when he starts behaving more like Dee.

Yeah, eventually it's more than just a professional relationship, but poor Dee ends up being celibate for several years before Ryo finally accepts that he's gay and loves Dee. Dee pounces on him as often as he can get away with, kisses him senseless on a number of occasions, but Ryo certainly makes him work for it. Dee gets clobbered with a clipboard more than once too, lol! Never mind Bikky defending Ryo's 'honour' and kicking Dee any time he catches Dee pouncing on poor, defenceless Ryo, lol!

I have more drabbles to come exploring the beginning of the first volume, there's lots to look at, it's very inspiring =)

Yay for unexpected friendships! When I went to grammar school, my best (and only) friend was put in a different class and made friends with another girl who eventually became MY best friend. We drifted apart when I started having health problems though.

Thank you!