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Ianto Little Smile

August 2019



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Drabble: Living Paradox

Title: Living Paradox

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Ianto, mentions Jack

Rating: G

Written For: Challenge 314 – Weeds at tw100

Spoilers: CoE, House of the Dead radio play.

Summary: Ianto returns to earth far into the future.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

A/N: Boy, this is an angsty, gloomy one! Sorry, I’m not at all sure what came over me…

Standing among weeds in an overgrown cemetery, Ianto stared at the gravestone. It was disconcerting to see his own name carved in marble, along with the dates of his birth and death, and a simple inscription.

Beloved brother and uncle

He’d been buried here almost five hundred years ago, yet thanks to a combination of Syriath, Jack blowing up the House of the Dead, and the Rift finally spitting him out again, he was standing here alive and immortal, a living paradox.

But he didn’t belong here anymore; everyone he knew was long gone.

Now he knew how Jack felt.

The End


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My heart just broke but you can fix it but the guys finding each other again.
I hope I will be able to continue with this at some point, but first Ianto needs to tell me what happens next. He's gone very quiet.

Thank you.
How sad!
I know! =(

But at least Ianto is alive, so there's that...

Thank you.
Aww, that's truly sad! Poor Ianto! :(
Thank you.

Yeah, it really is =(

I don't get angsty often, but when I do...
Five hundred years in the future lord only knows where Jack is, but I'm he must come back to check on Earth fairly often, right? Hopefully, for Ianto's sake. There has to be someone out there who'll eventually tip Jack off to Ianto being alive.
I think it'll be a har journey finding his way back to Jack. Ianto's probably not terribly stable at the moment with everything he's gone through trapped in the Rift. He needs fixing.

Thank you!
the only things that kept my tears unshed is that Ianto is alive .... but it is sooooo sad!
It is =(

He's got a big task ahead of him now, trying to find Jack somewhere in the vast universe.

Thank you!
I think you just broke my heart. *wibbles*
Sorry *hugs and offers patented heart glue*

But at least Ianto's alive! Now if he could just fingd Jack...
Oh my! This was so bittersweet. Probably more bitter than sweet, but beautifully tragic nonetheless. Well-done!
Thank you.

Yeah, definitely tragic, and with a bitter edge. The universe is vast. Even immortal, he'll have a hard job finding Jack again. It's going to take time.
GULP this was heartbreaking.
I know! *wibbles* I think I got bitten by an angst demon. =(

Thank you.
Wow... just wow... (and stupid question: who are the Syriath and what could they have done to him?) I just hope he can find Jack now...

Edited at 2014-05-02 07:14 pm (UTC)
Have you listened to the radio play House of the Dead? If not, read this transcription to understand who Syriath was and what she did.


Thank you.
So heartbreaking, but I hope that he can find Jack.
I hope so too, but I doubt that it will be easy.

Thank you!
Lovely. I hope Jack is lurking nearby.
Sorry, no he isn't. He doesn't know Ianto is alive - how could he? He left earth after House of the Dead,

Ianto was left trapped in the Rift for possibly hundreds of years before he was spat out on an alien world far in the future. He's made it back to earth, but how do you find one man in all of time and space? Where do you even start? Ianto has a monumental task ahead of him, tyring to find Jack.

I might revisit the idea at some point, if I come up with a good enough idea that I think I can write.

Thank you.
Aww poor Ianto.
Yeah, it's a grim situation - alive, immortal and completely alone. How will he ever find Jack again?

Thank you!
That sounds really lonely :( *hugs Ianto*
Thank you, Ianto appreciates the hugs.

I think it would be. He really needs to find Jack, but it's a vast universe, where to start?
This is heartbreaking.
Where is Jack??

Brilliant drabble - please expand on it?
No one knows where Jack is, least of all Ianto =(

The universe is a vast place, how do you find one man in all of time and space?

I hope I'll do more with this at some point, but Ianto won't tell me what happened or what he's going to do next. Apparently he's miffed that I'm not writing my cottoncandy_bingo fics. He wants some happy fluff.
I LOVE THIS! I also had this idea, but I'm not a writer, just a daydreamer. I also had an idea how he could find Jack. Just look for trouble and he'd either find him or the Doctor (maybe he could help him find Jack?).
I'm not sure if Ianto has a means of travelling through time, so even finding one or other by looking for where there's trouble might not work, by the time he got there Jack (or the Doctor) would probably be long gone. I think Ianto has a long search ahead of him, but he's patient and determined, so he'll succeed eventually.

Thank you!
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