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Ianto Little Smile

August 2019



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It Happened One Day

Drabble: Alfresco

Title: Alfresco

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Ianto, Jack

Rating: G

Spoilers: Nada.

Summary: Jack and Ianto go on an unusual date.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

A/N: For angelsphonebox’s prompt ‘Sitting by the fire’

Ianto poked another stick into the fire and watched sparks fly up into the night sky. Even though it was early summer, the night air was still a bit chilly and the heat from the fire was pleasant.

Dumping another armload of dry driftwood nearby, Jack dropped to the sand beside him.

“Is it hot enough to start cooking yet?”

“Almost, I think. Better get the food from the car.”

Jack leant in for a quick kiss.

“Be right back!”

Ianto smiled. When Jack asked him on a date, a cookout on the beach was the last thing he’d expected!

The End


Aw. See, Jack does have a romantic side.
He does indeed, and Ianto inspires him =)

Jack likes to surprise Ianto with something a bit different, something he's put thought into. It makes Ianto happy, and a happy Ianto is a very good thing.

Thank you!
I love the way you find ordinary little pieces of life and drop Jack and Ianto into them, especially when they're 'off the beaten path'. You did this when Ianto took Jack sledding; those little things that Jack probably never experienced in all the time he's been on Earth in this time period. It makes Jack so much more OF this time than a time traveller that he is. This is so Jack and so lovely :D
Thank you so much!

Yes, I think Ianto has given Jack a lot of new experiences, things he never got around to doing before, so he's trying to return the favour and give Ianto some more unusual dates. They like trying different things. I have another one, not sure when I'll post it, where Jack gives Ianto another new experience. They want to share the things they love with each other.
aww wasn't it a fantastic idea for a date? Jack might have been feeling homesick .... and who better than Ianto to cure that?
I'm betting it's something Jack did with his family as a child so he wanted to share it with Ianto. They like to share things they love with each other, giving each other new experiences.

Thank you!

Edited at 2014-05-14 10:21 am (UTC)
Awwww so sweat.
Thank you! It's my purpose in life to give the boys some romance in their lives!
That sounds really romantic actually. great drabble,
Ianto thinks so too, he's loving it! Just them, a roaring fire, the sound of waves on the deserted beach, stars shining above... It's perfect =D

Thank you!
Jack the romantic! Who would have thought? ;D
He knows how to do romance, he just needed the right person to make it worthwhile =)

(I think Dee is the same - I mean look at what he'd planned for that first Christmas, if Ryo hadn't volunteered to work late Christmas Eve, and then what he ended up doing, that was so sweetly romantic, with the champagne and the tiny Christmas tree!)
Yeah, the "tough" guys are often more romantic than everyone else would think. In fact, I think Dee is more romantic than Ryo (or maybe just a different type of "romantic"?). I'm not too sure about Jack and Ianto though...
I think Jack is the more romantic; though Ianto would have been romantic with Lisa he finds it hard to figure out how to be romantic with a man, but to Jack gender makes no difference in any respect.

Dee knows how to treat his partner right, but he doesn't always do it. Ryo is just baffled.
Very romantic without being too over the top.
Thank you! I thought it was sort of a manly romantic thing to do =)
That is absolutely the most romantic thing...although I have to ask if Jack brought the wieners...yeah, I know, I'm bad. :)
Probably just regular sausages as it's Wales. Nice big ones ;)

But yeah, Jack supplied all the food, potatoes wrapped in foil to cook in the ashes, sausages and maybe burgers to cook over the flames, marshmallows, apples and pears for desert...

I had pears and apples cooked whole on a stick over a bonfire once, they were brilliant!
Aww, sweet!
Jack likes treating Ianto to something a bit different!

Thank you!
Aww, this is lovely :-)
Thank you! I can still fluff, but I'm just getting little fluffy bits rather than the big fluff needed for bingo!

(The miniatures fic is rapidly approaching 6000 words!)
Leave it to Jack to always surprise Ianto! ;D
He's good at it, and sometimes they're even pleasant surprises! Ianto likes this one =)

Thank you!

me neither!
But it's a lovely surprise anyway!

Thank you!