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Fic Of The Week - Week One Hundred And Twenty Five

Monday again already, and the sun is shining for a change - t-shirt weather!

This week's fic is another short one (I can't keep up if I pick something long, I've hardly any time available for reading at the moment with everything else I've got to do), just 7 short chapters.

Digging For Life is by musingwoman on and was posted back in March of 2009. It's an Owen story, as far as I can make out at first glance.

Summary: A Helicopter is missing, a child's life at stake. Can Owen find him in time? Rated T because of lost child theme and Owen swearing. No change there then! Reference to 'Something in the Water' by Trevor Baxendale.

Read it here.

And that's all for this week. Happy reading everybody!
Tags: fic of the week, fic rec, reading

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