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Ianto Little Smile

August 2022



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My Captain, Oh Captain

Drabble: Confessions - Sequel to ‘Begging’

Title: Confessions - Sequel to ‘Begging’

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Jack, the Doctor, mentions John Hart and Gray

Rating: PG

Written For: Challenge 315 – Drone at tw100

Spoilers: Fragments/Exit Wounds, maybe Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Summary: Jack and the Doctor talk about Hart and related topics.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

A/N: Part Twenty of the Drone Series.

Jack told the Doctor the whole story: his past history with Hart, the incident with the ‘cluster bombs’, Hart’s return and the devastation of Cardiff at Gray’s orders. He admitted his guilt over what had happened to Gray and explained that the punishment his brother meted out on him was justified.

“I deserved it. I let go of his hand.”

“Oh Jack, you are so wrong about that. Your father should never have placed responsibility for protecting your brother on your shoulders. You were still a child yourself; he should have protected you both. I’m so sorry, for all your losses.”


When work on the drone was completed, the Doctor grasped Jack’s shoulders.

“Forgive yourself, Jack. It’s time you let go of the past. Remember when Rose convinced me to let you stay on the TARDIS?”

Jack smiled.

“Those were good times, Doc; some of the best. You turned my life around, ya know. Whatever good I’ve done is because you and Rose believed in me.”

“I wasn’t sure but Rose, she was convinced that you were a good man. You just needed a little help to see that in yourself. She was right. She always saw more clearly than me.”

TBC in ‘Attitude Adjustment


This series is so good. I wasn't expecting this turn of events. It's very compelling.
Ummm... To be honest, neither was I, things just keep sneaking in! It felt important to have these moments to fix the canon version where Ten is such an intolerant b*****d towards Jack.

Not much more of this series, though there might end up being one or two little epilogue bits and I'll leave it open enough for a possible sequel if I ever find time to write it.

Thank you, I'm glad you're enjoying the spontaneous insanity - I just worked out that what I've written so far is made up of 42 drabbles! And it's not quite finished...
The doctor is right, Jack should finally try to forgive himself. It really wasn't his fault!
I wonder how many more centuries it will take until he understands that...
Hopefully, hearing it from the Doctor will help it sink in.

Thank you!
I want to hug the Doctor so badly in this series!!!!
I'm sure this Doctor would appreciate it!

Thank you!
If there's anyone Jack would listen to, it would be the Doctor. Maybe Jack will finally be able to let go of the guilt and forgive himself now.

The doctor is right. Jack was just a child himself at the time. His father should never have fobbed off the responsibility of protecting Gray onto Jack. THAT was unforgivable. HE was the adult, their father, their protector. He failed abysmally in that role and brought unimaginable heartache to the whole family as a result.
And he got himself killed into the bargain. If he'd stayed with his children they would probably all have survived, but he ran off in search of their mother. It just never made sense - abandon two children who are under attack to go looking for another adult...

Hopefully Jack will take the Doctor's words to heart and forgive himself. He wasn't to blame.

Thank you!
Aww *hugs poor Jack*
Thank you.

He needs lots of hugs =(
This was one area of Jack's life that I never understood why he felt he deserved blame. There was no way Jack could have protected himself and his brother when their settlement was under attack and he was lucky not to have been injured or killed himself. This Doctor is a little more compassionate and hopefully Jack will realize he's right about that situation. Jack just has far more Soldier in his makeup than even he realizes. I like your Doctor much more than canon.
I didn't like the way the canon version of Ten treated Jack, so I change what I don't like.

So true. I think Jack BECAME a soldier so that in future he would be able to protect those who mattered to him. He was driven to it by what he saw as his failure, even though we know that what his father told him to do was nigh on impossible under the circumstances. It was their father's job to protect them both, but it was Jack who got the blame when Gray got snatched, and he took that to heart. So unfair. =(

Thank you.
The doctor make good points about Jack.

Great drabble
I certainly thought so ;)

Thank you!
I love the Doctor in this. He's just so...Doctorish with all the understanding. :)
This is how I like the Doctor to be - and how he often wasn't where Jack was concerned!

Thank you!
"She always saw more clearly than me." Damn right she did, Doc! ;)
Most people do, when it comes down to it. Sometimes the Doc can't see what's right in front of him.

Thank you!
Thank you Doctor. Finally he recognizes Jack as a good person.
It really is about time! That's the joy of fanfic, i can fix things!

Thank you!