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Ianto Little Smile

December 2020



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Ianto Little Smile

Drabble: Departure - Sequel to ‘Considering’

Title: Departure - Sequel to ‘Considering

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: John Hart, Jack, The Doctor, Ianto, Tosh

Rating: PG

Written For: Challenge 315 – Drone at tw100

Spoilers: None really.

Summary: It’s time for the Doctor, Donna and their unexpected passenger to depart. But they’ll probably be back someday.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

A/N: Part Twenty-Three of the Drone series. Here’s the final triple drabble. There might be some little epilogues at a later date, but for now, after no less than 45 drabbles, this is done.

“What about my weapons?” Hart demanded as he was bundled towards the TARDIS.

“You won’t need those on the TARDIS,” Jack told him blithely. “The Doc would only confiscate them so really, I’m just saving him the trouble. They’ll stay here, locked in secure archives along with our spare drone. Maybe one day you’ll be responsible enough to have them back without endangering half the known universe. Have a good trip,” and Jack shoved him unceremoniously through the door.

“Hey, don’t I get a goodbye… Whoa! Bigger on the inside! Neat! So, Red, how about showing me to your room?”


Jack hugged the Doctor.

“Don’t be a stranger, Doc, you know you’re always welcome here.”

“I’ll stop by for a coffee next time I’m in the neighbourhood,” the Doctor assured him. “Don’t forget what I told you, Jack. Let go of the past, otherwise it’ll keep you from appreciating everything you have here and now.”

Jack smiled faintly.

“I’ll try.”

“That’s all anyone can ask. Great seeing everybody again. Toshiko, good luck with the drone. Ianto! Take good care of Jack. I know you will! Allons-y!”

With those final words, the door closed, and a familiar sound filled the Hub.


Just as the TARDIS faded away, the Rift alarm started to blare and Tosh turned her attention to her computers, tapping at her keyboard and bringing up the coordinates of the latest Rift flare.

Jack bounded across to peer over her shoulder.

“Oh look, it’s in Splott! What a surprise!”

Ianto snorted with amusement.

“Forty-two percent of all Rift events are in Splott, Jack.”


“Yep! The Rift must have something against the people of Splott.”

Jack clapped his hands.

“Well, what d’you say we take advantage of serendipity by giving the drone another field test?”

“Sounds like a plan!”

The End


What a nice ending!
Finally someone has an eye on Hart - and the little drone will never get bored, it seems :)
I'm just waiting for the drone to start developing a personality now that the Doctor's been working on it, lol!

Hart will be under 24/7 surveillance by the TARDIS, he won't get a chance to misbehave and with thed help of Donna and the Doctor he'll hopefully soon find that behaving nicely brings its own rewards.

Thank you!
You know, I always saw Donna as an excellent Dominatrix.

Now I want a pic of Donna dressed in head to toe black leather and chains. *sigh*

I do feel a bit sorry for Splott...maybe they should rename it so the aliens can't find it?
She'd make a great dominatrix - and Hart would love it! There will be fireworks between those two!

Splott must be the default destination on the Rift's GPS. I don't think changing the name would help because it would still be in the same place, lol!

Thank you!
Think when the Doctor returns we'll see a totally new John. Clean clothes, polite, doing just what Donna tells him to do.
Oh yeah! He'll still be a flirt, just as Jack is, but he'll be a one woman man, fighting the good fight for the right reasons, not just for the thrill. When you meet the right person, it makes all the difference. John will be walking tall.

Thank you!
WOW Donna is a woman to be afraid of!
Splott must be a magnet for aliens!!!
John is going to learn pretty quickly that Donna is a force to be reckoned with and has a temper to match her red hair. That's the woman for him!

The people of Splott are usesd to it by now, lol!

Thank you!
Hart is like a magpie. Easily distracted by new shiny pretties.

I like your Doctor. Sooo much more compassionate with Jack, which is as it should be.

Poor Splott! Always getting the bum rap.
The people of Splott are a tough, resilient bunch!

I wanted the Doctor to be someone who deserved Jack's admiration and respect, just ass I wanted the Doctor to respect Jack - and Torchwood - for all they do to protect the people of Cardiff (and earth as a whole). Ten, as he was in canon, often came across as petty and shallow so that needed fixing. He's still flighty and easily distracted, but he's loyal to his friends and genuinely cares for them all.

Hart does like shiny things, but Donna is so full of surprises he'll not get tired of her in a hurry. I think with the right person, Hart is capable of being true but he needs someone with a strong personality who won't put up with his bad habits but is adventurous enough to try new things.

Thank you!
Great ending to this wonderful story.
Thank you,I'm glad you enjoyed it!
"The Rift must have something against the people of Splott." Hah, priceless!

Did you say epilogues? Oh, I hope so! I'm laughing just imagining Hart with Donna and the Doc! It's potential comedy gold! :D

Hopefully there will be at some point, when I'm not swamped with my fics for cottoncandy_bingo, which are taking most of my time at the moment as I'm running out of time.

Thank you!

all's well that ends well
Hart is far: phew
the hands of Donna: LOL
Doc Board Jack to forgive: super
and asks Iantio well take care: no problem! This is what want Ianto.
The Doctor understands that Jack needs his Ianto.

Hart is going to be a different person after this!

Thank you!
Nicely done.
45 drabbles for the one prompt is seriously impressive!
(No wonder I had trouble keeping up with the comments!)
I had trouble keeping up with the writing, lol! Especially as I was trying to do the bingo fills at the same time. No wonder I slowed down a bit in my writing recently. I'm starting to pick up again now, but mostly on FAKE fics.

Thank you!