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Ianto Little Smile

August 2019



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Drabble: Illuminated

Title: Illuminated

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Owen, Maggie

Rating: G

Written For: Challenge 316 – Reverse Fandom – How I Met Your Mother at tw100

Spoilers: A Day In The Death.

Summary: Owen and Maggie watch the lightshow created by the Pulse.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

A/N: Title used is ‘Symphony Of Illumination’

They’re a strange pair, a living dead man who’d lost hope and a woman who’d lost her reason to live. Yet here they stand, on a rooftop at night, thinking maybe they can go on after all.

Life’s not all darkness and despair; hope can be found in the unlikeliest of places. The future’s looking brighter for both of them, all because of a mysterious alien device; a message they can neither decipher nor comprehend.

It sings to them, a symphony comprised of ribbons of light, more beautiful than anything they’ve ever experienced, and it fills their hearts with wonder.

The End


Beautiful! I loved that scene too, although it was so sad :')
Thank you! The prompt was just so perfect for that scene, it's fun when I get inspired with a canon drabble!
Lovely... I thought this was Owen's turning point in accepting his condition, albeit reluctantly. There's really not a lot of Owen stories that I've seen and I don't see him and Ianto or Jack ever getting together. Owen sometimes has all the charm of a porcupine firing off its quills in a hissy fit.
He's prickly because of losing Katie, it left severe emotional scars, but if they ever healed I think he could be a good husband and father given half a chance.

I don't often write canon living-dead Owen, but the prompt made me think of this scene and I just had to write it. I think you're right, this is where Owen decided that life was still worth living even for a dead man.

Thank you!
I like Owen like this, showing his compassionate, human side. It's really too bad the writers didn't let him start thawing earlier in the series and let him and Tosh get together. Instead they had to throw a doomed relationship with Diane at him. Tosh would have been so much better for him.
I perefer to think that Diane found the chinks in Owen's armour which led to him being able to start operning up to Tosh.

One of the things that annoyed me most about Torchweood was the way the 'background characters' (Owen, Tosh, Ianto) remained largely unexplored until they were about to be killed, then suddenly we learn things about them just so we'll feel sad when they're killed. They should have been given more screen time and backstory from the start, by the only one to be thoroughly explored was Gwen and there was absoluely nothing of any interest in her story. Ordinary woman, ordinary boyfriend, ordinary life, dull, dull, dull. What a waste of the potential of three great characters.

Thank you.
You're probably right.

I think he became brash and obnoxious as a defense mechanism because Katie's death hit him so hard. He used that persona as a shield in the same way Ianto used his suits and Jack his over-the-top egotistical facade. Tosh was shy and unassuming, which made her too easy for Owen to brush her off. Diane was powerful and self-sufficient, so not someone Owen would feel he'd have to take care of. I don't think he wanted that responsibility again.

You're definitely right about the way they handled the backgrounds of the characters. RTD had a thing for Eve and wanted her as his leading lady. He therefore shoved her down our throats as the best thing to ever happen to Torchwood. Any/all of the others were much more compelling characters with much more interesting background stories. She had nothing to offer from the get-go. She was the slutty office airhead lusting after the boss, and that was all. When she wasn't throwing herself at Jack she was busy being a condescending bitch to everyone on the team and treating her beloved Rhys like dirt. Boring, boring, boring!
I completely agree on all counts.

Diane was her own woman, independent and capable. She didn't need Owen. That kind of self-confidence is sexy as hell, it's no wonder Owsen was drawn to her. Tosh is hust not the type to put herself in the limelight, but i do believe she's still be a magtch for Owen. Her confidence is of a quieter, less showy variety, but it's still there, it's just easier to ignore.

Gwen just isn't a nice person, I find it impossible to feel any sympathy for her, the way she treats other people it's a miracle anyone can stand to be around her.
It remains one of my favorite Owen moments and yet oddly it also remains one of the top I loathe RTD ,with his head full of nothing but saint Gwen, because he never recognized what am amazing group of actors who did so much with so little.
End of rant. Great story.
I agree completely - he had three brilliant actors, but focussed on the mediocre one playing the unrelentingly dull, ordinary character instead of using Burn, Naoko and Gareth to their full potential and exploring the wondefully layered characters they played. What a waste!

hank you!
Beautiful! and as people say "When you have lost everything, you still have hope!"
Owen and Maggie just lost their hope for a while, then found it again in an unexpected place.

Thank you!
That was a wonderful scene and a great episode and I loved the way you wrote that scene in this.
Thank you, it was a very memorable scene and the moment I saw the prompt, I knew I had to use it this way, it just works.
Very bitter sweet. Lovely.
Thank you! It was just the perfect prompt for this scene =)
the end of this episode was wonderful!
a message of hope from space. For once this is not the kind of Mars Attack!
Exactly! Not everything alien is bad, they've seem beautiful proof of that!

Thank you!