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Beta Request Take 2 - Can anybody help?

I had hoped to get another bingo fic posted today, but life conspired against me. I have to to out tomorrow so much of the day has been spent getting organised for that. What with trying to get another fic written, I didn't have time to post one as well as today's drabble. However, I did eventually manage to write one.

That means I now have two bingo fics to be betaed - one of just under 1000 words, the other over 1700 words, so I'm looking for a couple of volunteers. I'm trying not to dump all my fics on just one person, and I still have another 9 prompts to write, so if anyone can beta one of the two I have ready, or would like to volunteer in advance for one I haven't written yet, I'd be very grateful - I know many on my f-list are busy with their own bingo cards and other writing, but if anyone can spare a little time, that would be great!

Thank you! *hugs*
Tags: cotton candy bingo, fluff, help needed, hugs f-list, question, real life

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