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More Help Needed Please!

Hello again, my wonderful f-list, I come seeking help again!

One of my remaining prompts is 'Compliments' so I'm trying to compile a list of instances during the show (or the radio plays) where Jack and Ianto compliment each other - or even just say something complimentary about each other to the team. So far, most of what I can remember is from Fragments - Love the coat, Love the suit, etc. - and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang - Ianto's 'You're good on roofs' line and saying to the team that Jack is dashing. There must be others, but I can't think and I don't have time to watch two seasons of Torchwood right now, not when I need to keep writing, so I'm hoping some of you might have better memories than I've got and could help me out. *puppy dog eyes* Pretty please?

Does anyone have any ideas? If you can remember the episode as well, that would be even better so I can keep to chronological order.

Thank you in advance =D
Tags: help needed, hugs f-list, question, real life, torchwood

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