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Ianto Little Smile

August 2019



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Drabble: Moving Day

Title: Moving Day

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Ianto, Jack

Rating: G

Written For: Challenge 316 – Reverse Fandom – How I Met Your Mother at tw100

Spoilers: Nada.

Summary: Jack’s moving in with Ianto.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

A/N: Another that came out at 100 words first try! This is a little coda to my bingo fic ‘Flattery Will Get You Everywhere’, just because the prompt fit.

A/N2: Title is the prompt used.

Last night, Ianto had asked Jack to move in with him officially. Jack had said yes, so they’d told the team they were taking the day off. After all, moving was a big job.


Ianto stared at the two boxes and the small trunk in bemusement.

“That’s it?”

Jack grinned.

“Yep! All my worldly goods!” He looked at the small pile and frowned. “Well, those are all the things I can take out of the Hub anyway. My clothes are already at your place.”

“Huh.” Ianto picked up the boxes. “This is going to be the easiest moving day ever!”

The End


Oh, if moving was always that easy! I think I'd need at least three trunks just for my clothes xD Thank God I'm not going to move out anytime soon... But still, I sort of envy Jack.
Well, he just moved his clothes gradually, bit by bit, leaving the ones he's worn to be washed or dry cleaned and bring more every time he stayed over. The boxes are probably books and mementos, things lie that.

I'd need a removal van for all my stuff, lol! Been living in the same place for more than 50 years!

Thank you!
After over 20 years in the same place the thought of packing leaves me a simpering bundle of nerves, lucky ducks.
You think you'd have it bad - I've been here over 50 years, lol! They really are lucky Jack only has a small number of things he can't bear to part with and already sneakily moved almost all his clothes in.

Thank you!
Lucky Ianto! the last time I moved, we needed two big vans and I still have things in boxes after six years.
Isn't it wonderful, seeing our boys moving forwards their happiness?!!!!
They're growing up and doing adult things, like moving in together =)

I've never moved - the very idea fills me with dread because of over 50 years of accumulated stuff o_O

Thank you!
O.o So jealous of Jack... I dread the day when I move out of my parents' and into my own place.
Yeah, I've been here over 50 years, I think I'd have to take the whole house, lol! Packing everything would never work...

On the other hand, Jack doesn't have much that is so precious he can't bear to part with it. That's kinda sad considering how long he's lived.

Thank you!
Actually, it may be sad, but it makes sense. Since he's lived for so long, he knows the true value of things, and that most things don't last. Why would you collect a ton of junk if you have to take it with you whenever you leave somewhere--which may be often--and it's not stuff that actually matters to you?

Eh. I can just see him not caring about having a lot of things. He knows he's going to live a really long time, and that he's going to be on the move at some point. Besides, he was a Time Agent--they were supposed to move around a lot, right? I feel like ever since he lost his first home in Boeshane, he doesn't ascribe a lot of value to possessions.

Maybe I'm totally off base here. That's the beauty of fanfiction, though. ^.^~
No, I think you're right, which is why I wrote him not naving much, I just still find it a bit sad. He's also ex-military, so he has what he needs but doesn't overburden himself. Plus he waa waiting a long time for the Doctor and intending to leave with him, so he wouldn't have wsnted a lot of stuff to take with him.
Ooh, I didn't even think about the military history, I was just thinking about the Time Agent perspective. But yeah, Jack doesn't have a lot of stuff.

That's okay. Ianto will make up for it. He doesn't need all that much anyway.
I think as long as Jack has Ianto, nothing else is really all that important!
Agreed! And that will be for ever and ever!

(CoE? What is that? Canon? Pfft, you're making things up!)
LOL! CoE? Jack really shouldn't have eaten all that cheese before going to bed. Doesn't he know it causes nightmares? Never mind, Ianto was there to comfort him when he woke up.
I don't know whether to feel relieved there isn't much to move, or sad that Jack doesn't have that much...
I know what you mean, I kinda feel the same. Maybe over the years Jack has simply whittled things down to what really matters to him. When you're going to live forever, you can't keep everything. (And maybe he has a storage unit for everything else, lol!)

Thank you!
Yep that is is, a bit sad tho that that's all the stuff Jack possesses after he' been alive son long.
It IS sad, but at the same time, he's been alive so long maybe he's learned that material possessions aren't that important. He has a few things he treasures, but in the end, they're just things. He has his Ianto and that's all that matters.

Thank you!
Oh. That was easy. I take more stuff than that when I just go away for the weekend!

It's sad that Jack doesn't have more stuff. But then he has gradually been moving in with Ianto anyway so most of his things are already there.
Quite a bit is already there, but I think Jack just is less attached to material possesssions because he's lived long enough to know they're not that important in the long run.

Thank you!
Sometimes I envy those who can move with only a few boxes, but then I love my stuff (especially my books) so I'm fine. But it's probably good that Jack could move so easily - and now I'm thinking of what kind of stuff he has lost? *hmmm* :-/
I think he only keeps things that are REALLY important to him. He'll live forever, so if he keeps everything he'll soon be drowned in stuff. He probably has a storage locker too, and various alien things that have to be kept in the Hub, but only a few portable things he likes to have around.

Thank you!
In a way, it does seem sad that that's all Jack has, but when he's lived this long, I'm sure he's prioritized what's really important to him and material possessions mean nowhere near as much as a loving partner. Anything else he needs, they'll buy together and build wonderful memories around their life together.
Yeah, that's the way I see it. He has a few belongings he likes to have around him, but material possessions on the whole don't mean all that much to him. If he kept everything, he'd be swamped after a couple of hundred years. When you're gonna live for millennia, it's just not practical, so you learn to only keep the things that have the greatest value to you.

Thank you!
I guess if you work for Torchwood 24/7, you don't need that much stuff! ;)
People are more important than stuff asnyway.

Thank you!
Fortunately, Jack is not a conservative. With all these years, he could have some moving trucks!
Luckily he doesn't need them! He only keeps the things that are most important to him.

Thank you!