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Ianto Little Smile

July 2019



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Laughing Jack

Drabble: Threat Neutralized

Title: Threat Neutralized

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Jack, Owen, Ianto

Rating: G

Written For: Challenge 316 – Reverse Fandom – How I Met Your Mother at tw100

Spoilers: Nada.

Summary: Everybody makes mistakes…

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

A/N: Ummm, about what I said yesterday… Another drabble snuck in and I couldn’t just leave it, so here it is. Enjoy!

Jack wandered over as the cog door opened; Ianto and Owen were just returning from checking out a minor Rift spike. Scowling, Owen stomped straight down to the autopsy bay. Ianto completely failed to keep a straight face.

“Okay, out with it, what did you find?”

“Oh, nothing really,” Ianto chuckled. “Seems to have just been a hiccup. Nothing dangerous to be seen, was there, Owen?”

“Shut up, Teaboy! I thought it was an alien!” Ianto was never going to let him live it down.

Jack waited patiently for an explanation.

“Not to worry, Jack. Owen shot the vicious pineapple.”

The End

A/N: Title used was ‘The Pineapple Incident’


Tee heh heh heh.
Owen can expect pineapples popping up all over the place now, lol!

Thank you!
I just went to the kitchen at work to make a cup of tea and fetch a spoon to eat my pineapple chunks! And I decided to catch up on my reading as I waited for the kettle to boil :-)
Hehe :-)
Hee! Don't you just love coincidence sometimes? At least your pineapple ddn't get shot =)

Thank you!

(Now I still have to post two bingo fics today - that's going to be a juggling act with 5 accounts to post to!)
Who knows, maybe it was a very evil pineapple that wanted to destroy the world and Owen's fearless actions saved mankind! :D
They'll never be sure!

Then again, maybe Owen just fancied a fruit cocktail!

Thank you!
Spongebob had better hope that Torchwood never gets a call to Bikini Bottom or he might just find himself homeless.
It's a very real danger, lol! Owen can be a bit trigger happy.

Thank you!
Well, the sad truth is, it's Torchwood, so there really COULD be an alien that looks like a pineapple.

In fact, I'm a little worried about the pineapple in my fridge now...
If it moves, shoot it, show no mercy! Those pineapples are sneaky! Ask Owen!

Thank you!
hahaha did the pineapple give Owen the evil eye???
Maybe Owen just doesn't like pineapples, lol!

Thank you!
Haha! Poor Owen! LOL!
Poor Owen? Poor defenceless pineapple! (Mind you, Ianto thought it was tasty, lol!)

Thank you!
In Owen's defense, you have to be careful in their line of work. Pineapples are quite spiky looking on the top. They could be poisonous projectiles. Remember the Christmas trees? Not to mention the Santas.

That being said however, Owen is never going to be able to go out for pub night with the team ever again without being ordered a Pina Colada and Hawaiian pizza.
Admittedly, it could have been something dangerous, but even if it were alien, it could have been a friendly one! Not everything spiky is hostile.

Oh, Ianto is much more fiendish than that - there will be a pineapple with a toy gun in Owen's desk drawer come morning, ready to exact revenge for the death of its comrade!

Thank you!
LMAO!!! I have several different kinds of pineapple - cubes, rings, crushed - and I won't be able to look at them the same way thanks to this! Very cute drabble :D

, as long as

Well, as long as you don't have any that's been mangled by bullets you should be okay. Ianto thought it was a waste of a perfectly good pineapple, but Owen swears he saw it move. That's his story and he's sticking to it!

Thank you!
Hahahah oh Owen, too funny.

great drabble.
It was a perfectly natural mistake, the pineapple was being threatening, lol!

Thank you!
*gigglesnort* Ohhh... Owen's never gonna live that down! ;D
Owen doesn't like pineapples, lol! And now he likes them even less!

Thank you!