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Ianto Little Smile

December 2020



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Drabble: Un-zoo-table - Sequel to ‘The Possimpible’

Title: Un-zoo-table - Sequel to ‘The Possimpible’

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Ianto, Jack, OC

Rating: G

Written For: Challenge 316 – Reverse Fandom – How I Met Your Mother at tw100

Spoilers: Nada.

Summary: What do you do with an impossible Possimpible?

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

A/N: Prompt at end.

Ianto seemed troubled.

“If it’s not all wallaby, then what’s the 8% that isn’t?”

Jack shrugged.

“Who knows? A bit of this, a bit of that, not enough of anything in particular to cause real problems. They cease to exist if they attract too much of any one thing.”

“You mean they die?”

“No, they just blink out of existence, like they never were.”

Frowning, Ianto stared at the Possimpible Wallaby. It stared back.

And smiled.


“What do we do with it now?”

“Could send it back to the zoo.”

“Not with that smile.”

Jack looked.

“Oh. Point taken.”

A/N2: Title used is ‘Say Cheese’

TBC in ‘What’s In A Name?


Idk. Does "blinking out of existence" sound better than dying? I guess it'd be painless at least.

A smiling wallaby. That would be freaky. I know what I'd do with it for one thing, in a safe-for-the-wallaby way, of course. How bad do you think that would freak out a drunk Owen, or Gwen? *snicker*

I think that could be quite freaky for a person, too. Especially if little signs of the other "bits" made themselves known, like a word printed somewhere on their body or a leaf sprouting out of their...something. But that would probably have to be a much higher percentage, right? And I am putting waaaay too much thought into this!
LOL! It's fun to see what other people think of my weird ideas!

Yeah, it probably would need to be a higher percentage for noticeable differences in most people, but that's what the wallaby has in its small way. maybe a bit of human for the smile, a bit of dog to make it happy being around people, bits of a few other things that I haven't decided yet. Suggestions are always welcome.

I'm considering writing Owen's first encounter, lol! Hungover Owen, smiling wallaby... Perfect combination!

Thank you!
OMG the suggestions bluelilacs and you are making for Owen are leaving me screaming with laughter!!! Hungover Owen (with Jack and Ianto contributing to his condition!) seeing this would be priceless :D :D :D
I've posted two drabbles for that now - Seeing Things? and Not Seeing Things. ;)


...because this is Torchwood. How is it not funky and strange and alien?

Yes, Ianto, you have your concerns in the proper order! You should always be worried about what that 8% is! I mean, what if it's 8% Jack or something?
A wallaby that was 8% Jack would be a serious problem! Or what if it was part TARDIS? A pouch that's bigger on the inside...

It could be 2% alien but it wouldn't be 2% of ONE alien species. Maybe 0.5% of one thing, 0.8% something else, and so on. There are a LOT of bits of other things in this wallaby, but it's still mostly wallaby. With bits of several things that have opposable thumbs. *grins*

Thank you!

Edited at 2014-07-02 08:58 pm (UTC)
That could be interesting having a Wallaby smile at people. LOL

Great drabble.
The zoo would get her checked by the vet, then scientists might get called in... Can't have that happening, can we? The zoo won't miss one wallably, surely. They must have plenty of others.

Thank you!
A smiling wallaby? Sounds like it might be part Jack! :-D
Ooooh, that's a scary thought! I wouldn't want a wallaby flirting with me! LOL!

Thank you!
hahahaah now someone else would believe when I say that my dogs smile!!
Lovely quasi-wallaby!!!!
Some dogs have charming smiles!

A nice smile will win people over, lol!

Thank you!
Huh, he seems a weird little thing indeed. Cute but weird. *giggles*
Well, it's Torchwood. Weird is practically normal there.

Thank you!