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Fic Of The Week - Week Seven

I don't know about anyone else, but I certainly enjoyed last week's smut-fic - even though it turned out I'd read it back when it was first posted! I didn't realise until I was three chapters in and stumbled across a comment from myself! In my defence, I've read an awful lot of Torchwood fanfiction (and a prodigious amount of smut) in the nearly three years since I last read it, I can't be expected to remember everything I've read, which is why I've got a list for reference nowadays.

So, on to Week Seven. I had plans, but they got rather de-railed when the wonderful milady_dragon posted a new Dragon-Verse fic set in the far future just over a week ago. As I'm sure everyone knows, I love dragons and I absolutely adore Dragon-Ianto and the entire Dragon-Verse, so how could I possibly resist? Therefore, this week, for those of us who haven't read it yet, we have...

The Green And The Blue by milady_dragon - 7 Chapters of future Dragon-fic and m-preg. Chapter 1 can be found:

On Dreamwidth :   or
On LJ : 

All chapters have links to the next chapter at the end.

Because it's such a recent fic and most people will probably have already read it (and because it's my Birthday week), I'm offering a second fic up as a possible alternative read for anyone following these posts. I'm going to try to read both.

Fic 2 is Festival Of Souls by nightsparrow1. It's a Torchwood/Doctor Who crossover, just 5 chapters long, originally posted in March 2009. The Summary says: A visit from the Doctor brings understanding, adventure and unexpected complications to Jack and Ianto’s lives. It has an overall R rating, though I don't know if that's for mild smut, violence, language or what.

Again, there is a link to the next part at the end of each chapter. Chapter 1 is here : 

Happy reading to all! You know, if there IS anyone reading along, lol!

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