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Fic Of The Week - Week One Hundred And Thirty Three

Monday has snuck on me before I was ready for it o_O

I'm a bit behind today because I'm trying to get organised for possibly going out tomorrow (if I feel up to it) to collect my new glasses. I've been trying for two weeks.

Anyway, this week's fic is another smallish 5-parter, from January 2008.

Anything For You is by ahlai and has guest appearances by the 10th Doctor.

Summary: Ianto wants something he doesn't think Jack can give him...

Hmmm, I wonder what that could be... Guess I'll have to read it to find out!

Part 1 is here.

Parts are linked.

That's all for today! I'm off to post today's drabble. Happy reading everybody!
Tags: fic of the week, fic rec, reading

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